Dancing With the Results: Wait, What?!

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After Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances, which saw Maria Menounos and Derek Hough receive the first perfect 30 of the year, it seemed all but certain that Melissa Gilbert and an injured Maksim Chmerkovskiy would be in the bottom two.

Their 21-point tango left them in last place, a full three points behind Jaleel White and Kym Johnson and four behind Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower.

Which two pairs were in the bottom two, and who was safe on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show? More than a few people were surprised.

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Jaleel White and Kym Johnson
Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower

Melissa and Maks were declared safe, leaving young Roshon and Chelsie to go up against fan favorites Jaleel and Kym in the dance duel for their lives.

After the two performed dueling rumbas, the judges made their decision.

"This is not easy. Side by side you guys are pretty much equal," said Carrie Ann, who chose Roshon and Chelsie to stay. Len and Bruno made it unanimous.

And just like that, Jaleel White's run on Dancing With the Stars ended.

"I really only thought I'd last about three dances this competition," White said after his elimination, "so to get this far – I've made incredible friends, the fans have just been incredible. I love Roshon Fegan ... I'm glad they saved him."

What do you think: Should Jaleel have gone home?


I think that Melissa Gilbert should have gone weeks ago! She may try hard, but she just doesn't dance that well.


this is suppose to be a fair contest not one thts on on the very first dance of the show because of favoritism being won, why even continue booooooooooooo


juges have to start to be professional and stop the insults to certain dancers. judge each fairly instea of favoring certain ones. theres others that should of gotten 10 s not just the kiss..... on the show. in pectular william.the way you judge makes me ashamed of te wy you act


So glad Jaleel was voted off!!! He was so disrespectful to his partner and the judges. I used to be a fan but can see he's similar to Justin Diamond with that awful attitude. Bye bye!


Jaleel should not have been voted off, Melisa should have. But Mya and Brandy should have won their seasons crowns too. It's a popularity contest, not a dancing competition.


guys you keep one asking why your favorite star was eliminited , the question is did you voted for them?just asking and the 2nd question is how many times? and did you even campaign for them , like asking your friends in facebook to vote for them too..then it would help a lot to win your fave star dancers...you have a lot of time complain but the problem with america is they dont use their hands to vote...BECAUSE THAT IS REALITY, AMERICA doesnt CARE!LETS FACE IT.


To me, it is bad enough that Jaleel was eliminated from DWTS last night. But, the fact that that emotionally volatile and fake-ass Melissa is STILL THERE...EVEN WORSE!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, watching Melissa's VERY LAUGHABLE dance moves is like watching furniture trying to survive an earthquake. At this point, I don't care who wins DWTS...I just don't want that whack-job Melissa to win. Until next time...PEACE!!!!!


I have said this many times, since day 1 that Melissa Gilbert sucks as a dancer, and the only reason she is still on dwts is because of the huge fan base of her partner Maks...he is the popular one, not her...just because she was a famous kid actor, does not mean she should win dwts....i agree with many, it's a popularity contest, and that is WRONG.....Jaleel was one of the best dancers this season, and he should have never been eliminated...the judges have their favorites and that's that....it should have been Melissa Gilbert who went home, NOT JALEEL>>>>hopefully, she's gone next week..


Remember what happened to Brandi when she was on....she was one of the best dancers on DWTS that year. I almost had a heart attack when she got voted off. Yes, it is a popularity contest.... Maybe DWTS needs a new host and judges.


I am a huge fan of Melissa Gilbert. I am glad she is still there. One thing other dancers have commented on was how harshly she and Maks have been scored this season. Did they have a bad week? yes. I think we can give her a pass this week. And 2 weeks ago, she got hit in the head, and she wasn't there the next day.

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