Cory Booker Calls President Obama's Anti-Bain Ad Campaign "Nauseating"

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a rising political star in the Democratic party and surrogate for President Obama's re-election campaign, made headlines by criticizing the president's re-election team on Sunday for its negative ads.

Not typically what you want from guys on your own side.

The ads focusing on likely opponent Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital drew the ire of Booker, who called such a line of attack "nauseating."

Booker, who you may remember from saving his neighbor from a house fire this year, went on to clarify and reiterate his support for Obama.

Nevertheless, Booker's remarks illustrate the careful line the Obama team must walk as it tries to define Romney as a corporate raider out of touch with the middle class, yet not appearing to criticize the private equity industry overall.

Republicans, starting Sunday, pounced on Booker's remarks, while the Obama camp tried to tailor Booker's remarks to defend its ongoing attacks.

On NBC's Meet the Press, Booker said the negative ads in the campaign are "nauseating to me on both sides. It's nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough."

"Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright."

The mayor was referring to the multi-pronged campaign the Obama camp launched last week, attacking Romney's record as the head of Bain Capital.

Their message: The private equity firm Romney founded qualifies him to be a heartless corporate titan and job destroyer, not an economic steward.

The Obama team just released the second ad in its anti-Bain campaign, attacking Romney and Bain for laying off workers at an Indiana office supply factory.

Booker seemingly equated the Obama attacks with a proposed ad campaign that would have hit Obama for his ties to controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Republicans, including Mitt Romney himself, quickly denounced the proposed ad campaign after it was revealed in a New York Times reports.


Tom---the economy is slowing down! Don't you ever watch economic/financial experts???? They are saying it quite adamantly. The radical lib-turds will be wailing in the streets when Barry O. goes down in flames come the November election. Suppose the Occupy Crowd will just defecate on more police cars, share more needles in the park, and destroy more public property---what a nice send-off to Chicago for the Obamas!


tom: I absolutely agree with you but don't bother with these anti-Obama losers..all they're gon end up doing is whining (yet again) for the next 4 years..come to think of it, that's actually pretty funny..LOL!!


Obama 2012! The economy is actually starting to improve now after the W Bush fiasco. Economies don't turn around overnight, it takes time to fix any recession. Now things are looking up, yet many on the right -robber baron CEOs, religious lunatics- do as they always do. They ignore cold hard facts and hide from reality. Obama should be re-elected.


The only people who will vote for Obama, will be the ones with, extremely, low I.Q.'s, and blind, not to see what's happening, to the country.


Obama has taken taxpayer's money and lost billions in failed business ventures specifically in green energy. Considering how hard Americans worked to pay in those taxes, I sure wish the President would have had the philosophy he was there to make a profit for his "investors". Because of Obama, our money is lost! And no jobs were gained, only lost! Gimme Romney in 2012---I have "hope" the "change" will bring a much better return on my tax-based investments.


The only sign of true progress I can see is when a Black puts aside the fact that he is Black and speaks what he really feels. Booker has done that. Booker may very well be the only Democrat Left who beleives in Capitolism. He is taking a lot of heat (Hate Mail) for speaking about this bashing of opponents in the media as all Blacks get when speaking against Obama. Bain Capitol did what they had to do. My own Company had to trim the fat 10 years ago after they bought out another major company. Today they are the Worlds 2nd largest company in their market. Anyone that knows anything about Buisness like " Booker" knows that you do what you need to do to survive. Bain is not a " Non-Profit" Organization. Its not the Red Cross. The objective is to turn a profit so you can employee people instead of the Government supporting them.