Chris Hayes, MSNBC Commentator, Questions "Hero" Designation for Military Members

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Chris Hayes, a political commentator on MSNBC, has created quite a stir - on Memorial Day of all days - for remarks he made yesterday in regard to the designation of military personnel as "heroes."

The journalist said he feels "uncomfortable" throwing that word about because it is "so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war." In other words: How can we refer to someone as heroic if we disagree with the cause for which he or she died?

It certainly seems like an odd way to make a point about war. Surely we can differentiate between policy and the troops carrying out that policy in the name of a country they love, can't we? Watch the clip and form your own opinion.

Should Chris Hayes apologize for these comments?


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I'll bet Chris's daddy/mommy were part of those coward protesters protesting me from the comfort of their college rallies. The ignorance of those protesters reached new heights.
Chris and his ilk are the perfect reason for bringing back the draft. When their sons gets plucked off Main Street and into war they'll have a different prospective about the military.
Funny thing, I heard the draft word called for twice today by dem pundits.
Vietnam 70-71


what a piece of shit you are,you do realize freedom is not free? does Obama tell you what to say? You just shit on every service man/woman who ,by their service,allows you to spew your anti-american garbage,good thing I am not within arm reach of your skinny homo neck,then you would be yelling for Obama to come and help you,but to no avail,since he is as cowardly as you! You should be made to service every service man that ever has served,communist,Muslim lover!!!!!


Perhaps Chris Hayes should join the military, fight in combat, get his legs blown off and return to the US where he'll truly know the meaning of uncomfortable. Asshole.


As usual, liberal jackasses like Sean can only invoke racism in the discussion when they have no defense of their nonsense. There was no excuse for what the elitist Hayes said but all a mind numbed jagoff like Sean can come up with is some sort of race card. Geez what a surprise!


@ Sean- CSNBC is the most Radical Liberal Network serving the most Radical President of our time. I've never seen a more biased network. Yes- you and your Liberal Ass- Typical charge of Racism for anyone who doesn't like Obama. I would say I'm suprised- if I was! We all know that will be your " Song of the Summer" -- vote for Obama or you are Racist. You are a pathetic bunch of misfits set to destroy this Country. This Asshole got into office on default! People will not be asleep at the wheel again. All Obama does is talk. Doesn't have the Balls to make a decision. That weak ass attempt at " Occupying" the Gay Vote was lame. There is nothing misplaced about my anger- Dumbass. Taxing is his answer to everything. The weak minded will follow- that's where you come in.


George you an ignorant person. What does Obama, who has ordered more drone strikes to help protect this country have to do with this article? You have misplaced anger towards Obama due to your obvious racism. He is actually enforcing and or continuing the policies set by his predecessor George W. Bush.


Chris Hayes is an arrogant jackass. But that seems to be a requirement to be hired at MSNBC.


Of Course- Another Obama Liberal wanting to Degrade any kind of America History! An Idealistic approach - vintage Obama- no doubt! CSNBC - might as well be KGB TV!