Chris Harrison Previews The Bachelorette, Six Dudes to Watch

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The news of Chris Harrison separating from his wife of 18 years took many by surprise yesterday, but the venerable TV personality will still be back in his familiar role as The Bachelorette host and pimp on May 14.

In a recent article for EW, he previewed six guys to watch this season.

Will any of these fellas end up in the final four, or beyond? See The Bachelorette spoilers we've compiled so far for more on that. Then read the primer on a half dozen fellas who undoubtedly will be major players this summer ...

Kalon McMahon Photo

Kalon McMahon, 27: This "luxury-brand consultant" is, Harrison says, "cocky, brash, and arrogant" and arrives on the first night in a rented helicopter.

"He makes a huge first impression, but the big story is, will it fade quickly?" Sounds that way ... considering his equipment wasn't that remarkable.

"I don't know where that helicopter came from, but it was pretty unimpressive," Harrison says. "It would be like showing up in a Prius instead of a limo."

Jef Holm Picture

Jef Holm, 27: "He's not your typical 6'4" ripped bachelor. He's an average-looking guy who will stun Emily with his personality and charm," says Harrison.

"Women are more apt to give a guy with humor and charisma a chance than a guy will."

Harrison says he was also impressed that Holm ditched the limo for a skateboard on the first night. "It was like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future!"

Doug Clerget Photo

Doug Clerget, 33: Single mom Emily, meet single dad Doug!

"They get along fantastically and share this bond from the moment they started talking about kids," says Harrison. "And he's great-looking. Muscles on top of muscles. He's someone America will fall in love with."

So what's the catch? "It's a sweet relationship, but can they get beyond that? Is there more to him than his 11-year-old son?" Obviously.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. Picture

Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30: He's a race car driver, and the son of a world-renowned race car driver. Seems a bit much given Emily Maynard's past, no?

"It's not like after [her fiance Ricky Hendrick] died she never went to the track. The racing world is still a big part of her life," Harrison weighs in.

"And Arie is an IndyCar driver, not NASCAR." That's totally fine then.

Alessandro Goulart Photo

Alessandro Goulart, 30: The first words out of this Brazilian hunk's mouth are "Nice to meet you, gorgeous" ... in Portuguese! Cue the swooning.

"He's this Latin heartthrob who very easily works his charms on Emily," says Harrison of Alessandro. As for what he does for work down in Brazil?

"He's a grain merchant," says Chris. "I guess that means he merchants the grain."

Ryan Bowers Photo

Ryan Bowers, 31: This season's sensitive former pro athlete owns a gym but also mentors young children in Augusta, Ga. His romantic (and cheesy) side scores points with Emily yet makes him a target among the guys.

"The first night he gave Emily a note saying 'You are beautiful' on the back, so while he was reading it to her she could see that," says Chris. "He's that guy."


I agree...Chris is in love with Emily and they will end up together!


chris Harrison is in love with emie/ mark my word....she will end up with Chris!!!!!!


Like any Bachelor/ette who goes on the show, I hope Emily finds the happiness she is looking for.


Why should Emily marry anyone and get cut off from the Hendricks gravy train? Did you see the house she lives in on the last show? WOW! Her pittance salary as some PR person for a hospital surely did not pay for that house. She has the only Hendricks grandchild, for now and that gravy train is too much to lose. And of course you have the indecisive Emily. Even though Emily is young in age, they boys look exactly like that - boys. They just seem or look too young for her.


There were other more deserving women who should have been chosen as this season's bachelorette. Emily is beautiful, of course, but she'll never want for male attention, and whoever she chooses on this season will not lst I guarantee you. Should have chosen somebody else.


Not watching and no way Emily will pick any guy who does not reside in the US. Hell she didn't even move to Austin something that Brad Womack had stipulated that the lady he chooses should be ready to do. Sorry but Emily just wants the free travel and the check the show producers are writing to get her to do the show.


Would people please tone down in your comments, please don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say. Chris Harrison does his job fabulously, and it's none of our biz how or why they split. Thank you.


I believe Emily did the show for the money and to bring attention to the charities and the town she lives in and that is it. How many guys are going to drop everything to move to NC to be with her? She is already on the money train with her inlaws paying for the house she lives in and probably all of her other expenses.


The free-loading hoe Emily is probably the reason Chris Harrison is leaving his wife. Emily wants fame and money. The possibilities are endless with douche-bag and man-whore Harrison. Watch and see......these two will come out! They deserve each other- two pieces of shit!!!!!


A fun time will be had by all but Emily will never marry anyone of them. Maybe stay together for a month or so but her love is her daughter and the free house she is living in and she won't leave her State.

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