Chris Brown "Sweet Love" Music Video: First Look!

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That sound you hear is Team Breezy taking a momentary hiatus from sending incredibly disturbing death threats to "haters" and collectively shrieking.

The video for Chris Brown's latest single, “Sweet Love,” has just dropped.

The 23-year-old R&B singer goes shirtless showing off some dance moves, while getting cozy with his on-screen love interest in bed. Swoon?

Watch Chris do his musical, sensual thing in the music video below:

FUN FACT: While Chris walked and sang through the lot’s NYC streets, a production crew set up a flying structure to levitate three models.

None of them were assaulted in the process.

Just kidding. Sorry, Team Breezy. We admit, the song is pretty good and he's been on fire this year with one hit after another. Give credit where it's due. You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em ... you're not Chris Brown.


"The 23-year-old R&B singer goes shirtless showing off some dance moves, while getting cozy with his on-screen love interest in bed". Then after he cums, he beats her face in and calls her a whore in his new song.


Rihanna's forgiveness doesn't change the fact that Chris Brown is a total douche. His temper is short and he advocates violence. Unless he seeks professional help it's only matter of time before he does it again.


The summary of the dumb stuff this jerk has done in the last 4 years, include but are not limited to: a)beating & biting a woman he claimed to be in love with.
b)using homophobic language against male critics (B2K I think)
c)throwing a chair through a glass window in a TV studio
d)baiting his fans into sending his critics death threats on twitter
e)sending passive aggressive messages to the victims of his fans
f)being completely incapable of handling any form of criticism Yeah. I wouldnt spend a dime on this little tard!


Girl Sally since you have a problem taking it to the Lord in prayer or better yet go see a damn psychiatrist bout you issues lol I'm out this de same ish I was trying to prevent but oh well there will always be some who would get too emotional bout this and others who feel that everybody is perfect so there should be no reason for forgiveness. Oh and Sally situations like these don't happen to none of my relatives, you see unlike you clueless girls in America my Caribbean family know how to beat up a dude if they even watch them the wrong way you check. Go whine to you mama if you got problems wid abusive men cuz it's not going to get any damn better. Dumb shit


Um Sally where in my comment did you see me justify what Breezy did, can't you read smh. And I'm not saying this as a fan, a man who abuses girl or anything like that. I'm saying what I'm saying because all of awu whomever awu be all concerned that Breezy beat up Rihanna right, but wake up, take the shit out of awu eyes and realize: they were in his dressing room for hours before an award show early this year, both individuals have collabarated together. Therefore if the victim, Rihanna is over the matter why can't the rest of the world do so smh. Rihanna is so over the matter, that even awu who question her about why she collabarated with him and why she is being seen with him, she is outrightly telling awu F' off smh. Tsk man y'all pitiful. If this was a normal man who wasn't famous who awu knew nothing about half of y'all wouldn't be tripping but because is Breezy and he is famous y'all tripping smh Damn Hypocrites. Lolol y'all make me laugh


Oh and my comment was directed to the ishh that was typed by Jawmy not Jeremy sorry


Dude please ok you talking about unforgivable things, how many women are sexually abuse by individuals every second and you would pass that individual who sexually abuses them on the road and say whether good morning or even purchase something from them not knowing what they are doing behind close doors. Such individuals have not even shown signs of remorse or even apologize Chris did so who are you to judge. Psssshhh people just going around all up in Chris business and ain't studying the real issues that occur in the world like crime, rape, drugs, war and hunger. By the way, Rihanna who was abused by Chris has been seen and collabarated with him since the incident so if the victim can forgive her abuser why can't the rest of the world. In my opinion Jeremy you are the one doing the unforgivable smh. Study your own life and stop be all up in the business of the celebirities


I agree!


Ok for once can people just listen the music and not mention Rihanna or any other drama that Breezy been in. That ish is old and tired right now. I'm not a psychotic fan I'm just a realist the fact is if you don't want anyone to judge you based on your past why should you do it to other people :/

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