Chris Brown "Sweet Love" Music Video: First Look!

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That sound you hear is Team Breezy taking a momentary hiatus from sending incredibly disturbing death threats to "haters" and collectively shrieking.

The video for Chris Brown's latest single, “Sweet Love,” has just dropped.

The 23-year-old R&B singer goes shirtless showing off some dance moves, while getting cozy with his on-screen love interest in bed. Swoon?

Watch Chris do his musical, sensual thing in the music video below:

FUN FACT: While Chris walked and sang through the lot’s NYC streets, a production crew set up a flying structure to levitate three models.

None of them were assaulted in the process.

Just kidding. Sorry, Team Breezy. We admit, the song is pretty good and he's been on fire this year with one hit after another. Give credit where it's due. You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em ... you're not Chris Brown.

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Big up homie...


@Neci Why??? Because Chris Brown like Kim Kardashian are folks that people love to hate! Thus, the big effort put forth to post trash remarks on every thread mentioning them....but, of course, you already knew that!


My favorite is the people that think if you comment on an article it has to all be positive. No one else is allowed to take the time to give they're opinions. What a bubble they must live in!!


This is just nasty. Whens he just gonna go away???????????????


This is where I find people funny. If you all don't like him, can't stand his music, why take the time to go to every post with Chris Brown name and comment nasty things about him? Why click onto every site that talk about Chris? If you all claim that you can't stand him, we'll be smart enough to not click on into the website. You all are just pure damn hater's and stalker's. Chris must be doing something right for you all to keep hating every mood that he do.


Kanye just has no filter. He is not violent to women. He does not attack his critics. He just has a big ego. Chris Brown on the other hand is an ANIMAL.


Him and Kanye should get a place together they are both D-Bags!! LOL!!!!


This music is aweful. Thats my objective opinion. Having said that, he is also an aweful person. Also an objective opinion.


Why do people mess up there skin with all of those ugly tatoose? ,it makes their skin look nasty and unclean.,some them look like they are wearing dirty clothes. They are not pretty. Just looks awful.


I can only listen to him when am high n in a club.
Anyone who can stand his music sober is a tasteless fool.

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Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he couldn't even buy beer when he first broke onto the scene. But man, this R&B singer... More »
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