Chris Brown "Sweet Love" Music Video: First Look!

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That sound you hear is Team Breezy taking a momentary hiatus from sending incredibly disturbing death threats to "haters" and collectively shrieking.

The video for Chris Brown's latest single, “Sweet Love,” has just dropped.

The 23-year-old R&B singer goes shirtless showing off some dance moves, while getting cozy with his on-screen love interest in bed. Swoon?

Watch Chris do his musical, sensual thing in the music video below:

FUN FACT: While Chris walked and sang through the lot’s NYC streets, a production crew set up a flying structure to levitate three models.

None of them were assaulted in the process.

Just kidding. Sorry, Team Breezy. We admit, the song is pretty good and he's been on fire this year with one hit after another. Give credit where it's due. You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em ... you're not Chris Brown.

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HATING? SICK! i dont av tym 4 shit lyk hatas,i luv chris brown so much weda he is gud/evil i luv him weneva,umuahaa cb!


this song is hot as shit . like best song ever from chris brown i think so far . keep up the work and don't let the haters get to you :) #TeamBreezy follow me on twitter @x_SweetL0ve


What a freaky, weird video.
I still think he's he a good looking man.


Lets give some of these young girls a break. If you grew up without a positive male figure in your life and listened to a steady diet of music that calls you a "bitch" & a "hoe", maybe you also would not be able to tell the difference between "a mistake" and a major personality defect. Its because they have no life experience that they think that this kind of thing is forgiveable or that the perpetrator can just stop. Unfortunately they always learn the hard way.
In the end, the sick way these girls defend him is the fault of absent or abusive dads. Any woman who had the kind of great father I had, knows what a real man looks like!!


@snicker, you know that im telling truth, right! The crazy thing is that you are trying to comment about my spelling lol. I was just trying to make point about you and the other hater's on this website. You can comment anything about my spelling all you want, it will not still change my mind of how i feel about your comments.


neci,have a good day in school tommorrow.. LOL!!!


To neci,apparently you have no social life. Please get out once in a while. It's so sad to see the people that have no education or outside influences. Take care. If we all lived in a bubble we'd all sound like you,time to get out> Take Care Sweetie,time will do you well!!


@snicker, if you really hate someone with a passion, why even comment? This is where people can get dumb at times. Following a person every mood and making hating remarks on every web page, is very crazy to me. You are making Chris Brown fame go sky up with all that hating. Yes, you do have the right to your on opinion, but damn, you don't have to follow every post. You make it seem like there is nothing to do but hate. Like that is your job to hate, because your life is not good Lol.


I lv it whn ppl hate its lyk their lives r dat boring if u dnt lyk hm leave it at least da shit u hate pays rent and takes care of him ppl need to MIND THEIR OWN BUISNESS


Awe breezy u rock & haterz make u famous so let them hate they dnt hv to listen to ure music they jst need to go suck a dick bcoz they've ran out of hobbies dats y they hatin lv u & ure dope music

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