Chris Brown-Pink Twitter Beef Erupts Over Lip-Synched Billboard Performance

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In typical fashion, Chris Brown has responded to critics - including Pink - of his clearly lip-synched Billboard Music Awards performance Sunday night.

"One day if i lip-sync, i hope i do it as well as him," Pink wrote via her Twitter account, with her husband, Carey Hart, getting his wife's back.

"Don't hold ya breath waiting for me to stop doing me!" Brown tweeted later, adding that "anyone who is upset obviously is upset with their lives."

"Make your music... make a difference.. Be better than me! Godbless!"

Despite receiving a standing ovation from fans after the spirited rendition of "Turn Up the Music" (above), Brown was lambasted by critics.

Fans of Brown immediately lashed out at the 32-year-old mother, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, which prompted another tweet.

"Oh my lord, its so easy… its so damn easy. Keep it coming people, this is some good reading," she tweeted, defiantly, at Team Breezy.

"Im pretty sure I saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song," Carey Hart wrote.

Joe Jona even took to Twitter to post a tweet about Brown's BMA performance. "What happened to people singing live???" Jonas tweeted.

Despite all that, Brown took home Billboard's "Top R&B Artist" award.


This is the most I do. I'll always comment that I still think the guy is a d-bag! Will never watch or listen to anything that has to do with him!!


So the guy lip synched, Big Deal! There are other more important things to report and talk about!


People really need to move on. So he lip synched, big deal. These celebrities that obviously are not as hot right now as Chris Brown are publicity seekers and need to focus on their own music and own career. Because while they are are criticizing Chris Brown, he's laughing all the way to the bank!


I don't understand the people who are talking trash does not dance when they perform. It is hard to sing and dance at the same time. You give out of breathe before you are done. Joe Jonas and Pink do quiet set with little dancing on their part


This is where I get piss, why can't people let this dude live his life? I will agree, he has lip sychn some of his act, but how can somebody sing and dance at the same time, when you all know damn well that it is very hard to do. Chris is very talent person and has alot to look forward too. So what made me mad is when Pink made a statement about somebody career, when clearly her career is on the egde to crash. When the last time she made a CD or hit? Let me answer, 6yrs ago. Pink is just hating because nobody pay her ass any attention. Stalking this dude is not going to make it any better. Pink wouldn't never comment on anything about Chris, if he wouldn't had that issues with Rihanna 4yrs ago. Shit, if she going to make comments on people job, make sure she call out names of other's too.


Dont kid yourself, the "Rihanna incident" has been a career boon for him. He may have had a harder time fending off Trey Songz, Jeremih & all the other young guys who have come for his crown, if his name wasnt constantly in the news. ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY. In anycase, he may have lost some fans but he gained a whole new crop. Starting with those who hated Rihanna to the sympathy-crowd. Not to mention his old stans just grow more fanatic when he is attacked. Beating Rihannna was actually good for his career - believe!


And I agree with some of the other comments. He isn't the only one who lip syncs. So, WHY oh WHY is everyone ganging up on him? Because of what he had done to Rhianna in the past. If we are going to bash him (Pink, Carey Hart, Miranda f*cking Lambert, Joe JOnas, etc.), then why don't we bash other artists who do it to? I don't see any one of you haters bringing up their names. Let's all make a list so Pally and some of the others can go on their HWG page and bash them?


Usually I love your comments, you always state your point simply but eloquently. I just think you have it wrong today. Chris Brown is obviously still a very deeply flawed individual but thats hardly the point Pink is making. She is merely suggesting that people who making a living singing - should SING. Thats a very reasonable expectation. Usher, Neyo, Timberlake & the late great MJ managed to both sing and dance. Why cant this guy?


pally You are the reason why women who are abused can't get through or passed their situations. Yes, he beat Rhianna. Was he in the wrong? Yes. But two people can make a wrong and sometimes, yes in abusive situations like these. We don't know what was said that night or what really happened. Bottom line is, he shouldnt have laid his hands on her. But he has and still is paying the price for it. He has lost a lot of fans and a lot of respect from various artists, a lot of which still won't talk to him. So, since it didn't happen to YOU I'm assuming unless Rhianna now goes by a different name, I suggest you and everyone else move the f*ck passed this foolishness and let her and Chris Brown live their lives. Let her get on with hers. I'm sure she hates it when the media brings it up so why should we continue to do the same thing? Keep your mouth closed and move on.


it makes me sick how fast women forgive beaters and cheaters neci must be one of.tjose women .ladies you deserve more especialy in this day and age.

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