Chris Brown Performs at Billboard Music Awards; Fans Divided Over Obvious Lip-Syncing

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Chris Brown brought his BMX skills to the Billboard Music Awards Sunday.

His vocal skills? Mmmnot so much, from the looks of the performance.

The singer rode onstage in Las Vegas to perform his high-energy hit "Turn Up the Music" against a colorful, bike ramp backdrop dubbed the "Fun Zone."

Breezy's leopard fur-lined jacket (open to show off his muscular, tattooed chest, obvi) and impressive dance moves wowed the crowd, but his singing?

Fans on Twitter were disappointed, at least in part, for Chris' lip-syncing.

Some viewers tweeted sentiments like, "What's the point of performing live if you're gonna lip sync? You should just become a back up dancer."

"I don't mind Chris Brown lip synching... at least he PERFORMS !!!" wrote one fan in defense of Chris. "CB performance never disappoints."

The event, which also featured Justin Bieber's performance and Jordin Sparks' tribute to Whitney Houston, certainly featured the big names.

What do you think of Chris' performance? Thumbs up or down?


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