Chris Brown Performs at Billboard Music Awards; Fans Divided Over Obvious Lip-Syncing

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Chris Brown brought his BMX skills to the Billboard Music Awards Sunday.

His vocal skills? Mmmnot so much, from the looks of the performance.

The singer rode onstage in Las Vegas to perform his high-energy hit "Turn Up the Music" against a colorful, bike ramp backdrop dubbed the "Fun Zone."

Breezy's leopard fur-lined jacket (open to show off his muscular, tattooed chest, obvi) and impressive dance moves wowed the crowd, but his singing?

Fans on Twitter were disappointed, at least in part, for Chris' lip-syncing.

Some viewers tweeted sentiments like, "What's the point of performing live if you're gonna lip sync? You should just become a back up dancer."

"I don't mind Chris Brown lip synching... at least he PERFORMS !!!" wrote one fan in defense of Chris. "CB performance never disappoints."

The event, which also featured Justin Bieber's performance and Jordin Sparks' tribute to Whitney Houston, certainly featured the big names.

What do you think of Chris' performance? Thumbs up or down?


Im jus saying, he did better then Justin Beiber who also lip sync'd half of his performance, at least Chris gives a good performance, I dont see one person in the audiance just standing their complaining.... None of your comments should even be about the CB/RiRi incident which is now old news. Go Chris, your true fans love u and your music, dont judge people untill you walk in their shoes........


He is being slammed because of an aweful performance, not because he viciously beat up a woman. Also, it would be easier to make the whole " he is reformed" argument, if he didnt keep flashing us his anger issues. I mean what does he do when his ex is offended over some lyrics that imply she is slutty - he tweets that she must have something to hide! The correct response, by the way, would have been to reach out to her privately. Between that and engaging in a twitter battle with every single critic, and ofcourse throwing a chair through studio glass, its kind of clear that this guy has major unresolved issues. Not what this story is about, but just saying - not a nice person!


Rapist and Killer's are the one's to always keep committing the crime's. If you are a humble person that is seeking for help on one simple mistake and trying to make a good decision, is always a plus in my eyes. Chris Brown have shown that he is trying to be a change person. You do not hear anything about him being a wild fool and trashing up hotel rooms or doing any type of drugs. People can sit at their computer and judge all they want, but Chris have already been forgiving by God. Having hate for Chris is not going to better yourself. But to be honest, it make most of you all look like ignorant fools.


I agree with 'grow up'


Please he already apologized to Rihanna forgave think that the greatest virtue of a human being is to know to ask for forgiveness and learn to forgive does not fit to judge us but God. He is doing his part by paying for what he did leave him alone, let him live his life cuidase peaceful if everyone in your life would be much better the world who never wrong cast the first stone, he must be judged by music they're gonna send it combines very well until it is too expensive and leaves his personal life that he cares for and answer for his actions!!!!!


I loved it is it rocks too, was born pre music!!!!!!!!!!!


noway- When will you go away and leave the past behind your dirty ass and leave him alone and give him a chance for once.


rita- I'm not bringing up race i'm telling the truth and these people that I named out all of them because all of them were short-tempered, self entitled, punks before Chris Brown did that and you guys still supported them. And you are acting that he does beats all women but he doesn't. So why don't you try to move on from the past and focus on the present today. Because if you don't him forgive he will still have power over you like right now. And he did not got off easy he is still on probation and got 2 more years. You are just saying that he will get some prison time because you pushing him to the limit to do it again leave him the fuck alone and tell that to those celebrities that I talked about ho!!!!!!




People are so pathic! You have nothing better to do in life but finding fault in the life of somebody elses. I am pretty sure that you and someone in your life has done wrong not once but many of times. some people try to hold on to a battle that is over and done with. You people who are so judgemental and negative, I hope and pray you get INTO a place that you will need grace, mercy and forgiveness. Then you will appreciate people who can love you and see beyond your ignorance. Only then will you appreciate when people don't bring up your past when you are trying to move forward! Rihanna and Chris has gone on with life and enjoying it.some of you people are stuck in someone elses PAST! And by the way what different if he lip-sinc or not it was a great performance and the Song has already been made, produce and recorded by him. He can dance to his own beat if he want to. JUST SAYING

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