Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor, Calls for Death of All Homosexuals

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When Barack Obama expressed his support for gay marriage, it was bound to create controversy and lead to dissenting opinions.

Some were explained reasonably enough (boxer Manny Pacquiao), others made positively no sense (teen mom Bristol Palin) and at least one has now surfaced that is as disturbing as it gets.

In a sermon to his congregation at Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina on May 13, pastor Charles L. Worley outlined his idea vision for homosexuals:

"Build a great, big, large fence - 150 or 100 mile long - put all the lesbians in there… Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can't get out...and you know what, in a few years, they'll die you know why? They can't reproduce!"

Worley went on to say the thought of "kissing some man" makes him "pukin’ sick."

Any sane individual who watches the video above can relate.

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why doesnt the "pastor" electrify HIS fence. This is why religion is not important in my life. God is all around me(in nature), not in some man made building spewing this kind of hatred. allsaints45
your ignorance is such bliss for you.
I want to adopt a little boy just so I could conveniently molest him him at every moment I get. Because I am a full grown female that is sexually attracted to men and boys are just a smaller version of men. See how silly your theory is now?
Love is LOVE! no matter how or who gives it.


This pastor though I may disagree with many of his comments never & not even once in this video advocated killing Lesbians or Queers / Homosexuals. Many of you have condemned him for stating something that he did not state.


I will always believe in God. However, years ago, I quit attending church because of homophobic DOUCHEBAGS like Charles L. Worley. And, I have a feeling that Worley has PLENTY of skeletons rattling around in his closet. Just a thought..........


I am a Christian and ashamed of this godless rehortic. To the homosexual community I do not agree with the lifestyle but harming you would never enter into my mind. I would welcome you at my table and if I was able meet any needs you may have I would do so. Always welcoming just not affirming. This is possible because love for you as a part of humanity is what Jesus has asked of me.


For the person who said that a gay couple adopting a kid of the sam gender is bound for molestation is absolutely rediculous ! So you're saying that because men are attracted to women they will molest their daughters as well? It's basically the same thing. Why not just accept people for who they are, instead of pretending like your "christian" faith teaches you to hate them. God is love. So why not spread love instead of hate.


What a terrible joke of a pastor, i am so disgusted reading this article. I couldn't even watch the video.


well, since he cant pronounce against and thinks gays, lesbians, and "queers" are three different groups... I think that should say it all for this being. He's certainly not a human and I wonder what backwoods area of America he hatched from.


Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Goin' way to far on the death to gays stance. I do feel that gay behavior is a wrong choice though. Still think the state's have the right to set the laws for same sex marriage and the voters have the right to go to the polls and vote their conscience.


I don't want to kill them, but what pisses me off, in a lot of states, the voters were against same sex marriages, but the gay, and lesbians, still got their way. What's next, illegal alien gays, becoming citizens, by marrying American gays, collecting their spouse's social security, adopting kids who are the same sex as the couples, that poor kid, convenient molestation.


this guy is calling for MURDER of human beings simply because of WHO THEY LOVE....i thought, MURDER was a sin?....that's why, it always suprises me....when bible thumpers are for the death penalty, but against abortion and allowing the really sick to die in anice manner, rather then in deadly pain.....there is NOTHING WRONG with people being gay....their BORN that way....same way blacks are born "black", whites are born that way,etc.....LOVE IS LOVE, NO MATTER THE GENDER OR RACE.....GOD MADE EVERYONE, INCLUDE GAYS. ALISA