Casper Smart: All About J. Lo!

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He's much more than a boy toy at this point, folks.

Following six months of dating, marriage talk is surfacing between Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez, with a source telling People magazine that the 25-year old dancer treats his woman "like a queen."

"Casper centers everything on Jennifer," this insider adds.

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The couple reside together in J. Lo's Hidden Hills mansion, and Smart is photographed constantly these days around Lopez's twins, Max and Emma.

Has Lopez fallen too hard too quickly? She and Casper will tour together this summer, with Jennifer singing and Smart choreographing.

A Lopez family friend does acknowledge that some in J. Lo's inner circle "worry that Casper will take advantage of her," but the American Idol judge just can't help herself. She even admitted as much during a recent press conference, saying:

"I'm a bit of a romantic, if you hadn't noticed."



J Lo you already tryed the "back-up" dancer thing and it didn't work! Really??? You know it is not going to last let's be real. You should have taken some time for yourself and your children, instead you hook up with him? It seems you just can't be alone, you need a man that badly? As a woman and mother you are a disgrace. Your kids will grow up sooner than you think, you need to be a good example for them. Get your head together!!!


She makes me embrassed to be a latina woman. Be with man that is in your league not a "boy" who you know is not going to last. Give yourself a chance at love with stability and maturity. I'm very disappointed at her behavior.


Jlo's daughter's name is Emme, not Emma.


Duh!! Of course he treats her like a queen and centers everything around her! His mama didn't raise no dummy, what the hell else would he do, treat her like crap? It's J Lo, what's she worth again? What a stupid story!

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