Casey Anthony Voicemail: Family Who Hid Her After Trial Asks "What is WRONG With You?"

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The pastor's family that Casey Anthony hid with after her shocking murder trial acquittal last year left a scathing voicemail for her this January.

Pastor Steve Camp and his wife Cindy run the Cross Church of Palm City where Casey was rumored to be hiding out after her release from jail.

In the voicemail, Cindy voices heartbreaking betrayal and urges Casey Anthony her not to deal with powerhouse attorney Jose Baez any longer.

She also calls her out for being selfish and self-centered.

Casey Anthony Church

Cindy Camp lambasts Baez for taking advantage of their family and Casey, then goes OFF on the 26-year-old's recent behavior, with few specifics.

The voicemail was left in January 2012, just days after bizarre the Casey Anthony diary video showing off her "new life" somehow leaked online.

That same week, Baez called it quits, opting to no longer represent the accused child murderer. It's unclear why the two decided to part ways.

Here is the voicemail transcribed and obtained by Radar Online:

It is Friday night. I just listened to your conversation with Steve when you hung up on him. I want you to know something. You are dealing with the wrong person when you're dealing with Jose. He is the one that gives us up. This is no longer about you.

I've had media parked out front at the end of my driveway for the last 48 hours. People are protesting, they're throwing rocks, they're coming up to the door, some guys are leaving you notes and love letters. This is not about you. This is about our church, this is about my family. My daughter's picture has been on the Internet and Steve hasn't said a word. Not one word.

People are writing the most vile, repulsive things to him via e-mail and Twitter and Facebook and it's just disgusting and he has not said a word. You are siding with the wrong person. Jose is going to do you wrong. He's already done you wrong. He's sold us out and we know it for a fact. I don't care if you don't want to hear it, that is a fact.

You have a church here, you have people that care about you and have protected you. We haven't said a word, until, all of a sudden, it would be good to know that you were just going to up and leave four days ago, we could have made a very simple statement and avoided all of this hassle.

But this is unbelievable to me and I think you need to rethink and seriously pray about what you're doing. This has nothing to do with you down in your undisclosed location, it's right here hot in my yard, and we are still sticking up for you. I just want you to know that because we love you and we've cared for you. And that is not going to change. We will still protect you.

But this is just…don't you ever hang up on my husband again. He has been the truest strength you've ever had and the kids are just going to be heartbroken. I don't know what you're doing. I can't believe it. For once get outside your own head and think of someone else. Think of this family…they deserve thanks, thanks for having my back here, I'm sorry you have to go through this…nothing! It's just all about you! What is wrong with you?! Really?

Anyway, that's all I have to say so I guess we'll hear from you or something, I hope. Anyway, I do love you. I want you to think seriously about what you're doing, not just for you, but for all involved. Thank you. Goodnight.


Just wanted to say that Razzy is right on target about Casey...... She will never care about anyone but herself and I have to agree that the jurors obviously aren't the THE SMART ONES. Seems to me that Casey has had her chance to try and redeem herself and was fortunate enough to find a church family to help her. One thing is for sure she hasn't disappointed all of us who would have convicted her of murder. One day Karma will pay a visit to her I just hope it doesn't take as long as it did fo OJ


I have noticed one thing that is most telling. Unless she is actually smiling about something, her face is almost blank, cold, like a piece of stone. Makes me wonder if that is a picture of what goes on in the mind.


So what I get from all of this is, she still isn't dead yet? What a shame. What happened to good old Florida street justice?
Innocent Trayvon Martin gets shot to death and this bitch walks free? Something is wrong here.


God almighty! The only thing worse than living it is reliving it! That DA couldn't have convicted a candy thief even if he had Chocolate all over his face. Weak Procescutor to say the least!


Seriously....are these people Really surprised that the sociopath would treat them "badly"? She killed her daughter. I, too am a Christian, but there is also a verse in the bible about "shaking the dust off your feet". And the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual discernment. It's hard for me to believe that you would trust this girl around your as daft as you want...but Please protect your children from her.


Mary, Casey would just love to be in an all male prison, the slut that she is. She thrives on attention and is nothing more than a murdering whore. She probably really doesn't even know who Caylee's father is. This is such a tragic shame and I hope Casey burns in hell....




I look at it like this...Steve Camp and his family aren't the first ones to be used by that MURDERING SKANK Casey Anthony...and they won't be the last. Case closed.


Becca, you my dear are a fucking idiot!


what...she couldn't have been innocent?