Casey Anthony "Dreading" Upcoming Court Date

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Earlier this week, Casey Anthony's attorneys accepted a subpoena that forces her to testify in a civil lawsuit, and she is not happy about it.

Anthony, 26, is angry that it will affect her plans to leave the U.S. after her probation ends in August, as she must be available to testify.

Says a source close to the accused child killer:

C. Anthony

"Casey was really hoping to leave Florida and never look back. She was really ready to move on with her life. This has ruined everything."

Anthony will have to answer tough questions about her statements in the days after her daughter, Caylee Anthony, was reported missing.

She claimed that a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez had kidnapped the little girl, an allegation that turned out to be entirely untrue.

Now a woman by the same name is suing Anthony for defamation.

"Casey just wants this case to go away," says the source. "She definitely doesn't want to testify, and she's annoyed that she has to."

These days, Anthony is living in seclusion in South Florida.

She must stay in the state due to her probation for check fraud, and ventures out only infrequently, afraid that she will be recognized.

But according to two individuals close to her, she looks much different. "Quite honestly, she's gained a few pounds," says the source.

"She does nothing but sit in front of her computer and eat."

Casey Anthony remains unemployed and broke, and, according to probation reports, she recently stopped attending counseling.

One thing she does do: speak regularly with her mom.

Sources close to the Anthony family have confirmed that Casey began mending her relationship with Cindy several months ago.

She does not communicate with her father, George Anthony, whom she accused of molesting her during her murder trial.

Anthony will return to the Orange County courthouse to testify in January 2013, possibly sooner, as a result of Gonzalez's lawsuit.


WOW she should have thought about all this before she killed her child and tried to say this poor innocent woman kidnapped her child. She deserves EVERYTHING that happens to her!


AWWWWWWWW.....BOO HOO, poor Casey had her travel plans disrupted. SO SORRY, Casey! Beating a murder wrap isn't enough? The public can't wait to see her go through this one...if there is any justice she'll never have a good night's sleep again! I hope Ms. Gonzales is able to get a conviction on her and that at the judge throws her in jail for the rest of her life. That would be just, but unfortunately still not good enough for her.


I didn't watch the trial but I read the two books by Jeff Ashton and Diane Fanning. I was very disappointed in the verdict. I wouldn't be surprised if the jurors received threats as well. Although they say the evidence was mostly circumstantial, I cannot see anyone else committing this horrendous crime. If the jury didn't want to see her get the death penalty, there were other options. Instead, they went from one extreme to the other and let her off scot-free. She may as well have been found guilty because she will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. I wonder where she plans to go. I hope it's not Canada where I live. We don't need her up here. I empathize deeply for her Mom Cindy and father George. They will suffer the rest of their lives because of her selfish act. She had so many options. There are alot of childless couples who would have loved to have had that lovely child including her own mother.


I for one am glad things are not going so well for this gross, sick and evil person. It is far less than what precious Caylee Marie went through! Karma is a #$%#%$!


Aww poor baby. She got away with murdering her baby and now she has to ruin her plans! The bitch needs to rot in hell. I feel sorry for her parents that they have to deal with her. I dont blame her father for not talking to her, and i understand as a mother the need to talk to your child, but damn how do you get past the fact that your child murdered her child?


I hope this waste of human flesh has nothing but pain, aggravation & torment for each & every day the rest of her miserable, rotten, & useless life...