Casey Anthony "Dreading" Upcoming Court Date

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Earlier this week, Casey Anthony's attorneys accepted a subpoena that forces her to testify in a civil lawsuit, and she is not happy about it.

Anthony, 26, is angry that it will affect her plans to leave the U.S. after her probation ends in August, as she must be available to testify.

Says a source close to the accused child killer:

C. Anthony

"Casey was really hoping to leave Florida and never look back. She was really ready to move on with her life. This has ruined everything."

Anthony will have to answer tough questions about her statements in the days after her daughter, Caylee Anthony, was reported missing.

She claimed that a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez had kidnapped the little girl, an allegation that turned out to be entirely untrue.

Now a woman by the same name is suing Anthony for defamation.

"Casey just wants this case to go away," says the source. "She definitely doesn't want to testify, and she's annoyed that she has to."

These days, Anthony is living in seclusion in South Florida.

She must stay in the state due to her probation for check fraud, and ventures out only infrequently, afraid that she will be recognized.

But according to two individuals close to her, she looks much different. "Quite honestly, she's gained a few pounds," says the source.

"She does nothing but sit in front of her computer and eat."

Casey Anthony remains unemployed and broke, and, according to probation reports, she recently stopped attending counseling.

One thing she does do: speak regularly with her mom.

Sources close to the Anthony family have confirmed that Casey began mending her relationship with Cindy several months ago.

She does not communicate with her father, George Anthony, whom she accused of molesting her during her murder trial.

Anthony will return to the Orange County courthouse to testify in January 2013, possibly sooner, as a result of Gonzalez's lawsuit.


The only person who needs to love Casey is HERSELF!! Who the heck do you tink you are telling Casey she is loved. She most defiitely is NOT loved by any other than herself and God. NOBODY in their right mind can possibly think Casey Anthony is innocent here!! Makes me wonder whether you kept up with the case or not!! How disgusting you telling her she is loved and not to get her down. What a disgrace! You are a sad excuse for a human being if you could possibly think Casey is innocent. IF she didn't physically do the killing, she knows who did...either way she knows EXACTLY what happened that day. Don't be naive...she's a baby killer!


I hope casey wont get any money from the movie comming out from lifetime, i know my family and myself wont be watching it.


She will pay one way or another -
Her daughters death WILL NOT go unpunished, no matter who did it.


No- We live in a world that is unattached from anything that resembles God like never before. Where self indulged people are common place and accepted. We live in a world where the youth who has no education no job or negotiating power hold the adults (Parents) Hostage and on their knees and a clear logical explanation for this cannot be found. To allow someone to manipulate to the point that they feel they can do what ever they want without repercussion is exactly what the end result is with this individual. But society does make sure she has her rights. Having been engulfed in reality shows its never so apparent that this society is as far from " accountable reality" as it ever has been and a " CSI 1 hour twist" is what we expect in a courtroom or we can't render a guilty verdict. The mess that's been made- UNBELEIVABLE!


We live in a world where thanks God karma is all to real she killed a sweet angel that was a gift from god so she will have to answer to him he will justify what she did .!!!!!


Baby killer.


I have noticed one thing that is most telling.
Unless she is actually smiling about something, her face is almost blank, cold, like a piece of stone. Makes me wonder if that is a picture of what goes on in the mind.


I'm not convinced she killed her daughter but I AM certain she had a part in the cover up to protect someone else. Her lies to police proved to me she knew more then she revealed. Wish they could have kept her in jail longer for the lies but I guess they already used that up. Would love to watch video of her under sedation with truth serum. That might get us the truth but IF she was abused as a child, she might have emotional issues that would interfere with the real truth. A damaged mind can be an intricate web. Fate has a way of dealing with people like her. Stay tuned for further developments.


I hope that Gonzalez gets every penny from the movie/book/TV deal Anthony signed.


Not convicted = Not guilty. If you aren't satisfied, complain about the judge, the jury, and the defense team. She was slick and smart, and she got her way.