Britney Spears' X Factor Contract Lets Her Leave Whenever She Wants, Report Claims

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An interesting explanation of Britney Spears walking off The X Factor set Thursday has emerged in a new report on TMZ: She did because she can.

The show wanted Spears so badly, they literally gave away the candy store ... well not literally, although she could probably buy a candy store.

With a deal paying her $15 million for one season, Britney is raking it in, and that's not even all. Her contract basically gives her carte blanche.

Spears has the right to do things during production that are not "normal," insiders say, and that includes taking breaks whenever she feels like it.

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears

As one source put it, "Simon is a shrewd businessman who knew Britney could make his show and he was willing to give her just about anything."

Guess so. And hey, look at us talking about The X Factor in May!

Yesterday, Britney walked off the set during the very first taping, leaving behind an empty judge's chair while four contestants did their thing.

Sources connected with the production say Britney was "overwhelmed" and left. She sort of denied this on Twitter, but would anyone be surprised?

People who were at the taping claim she was upset by the audience reacting negatively to some of her comments, then abruptly peaced out.

Howard Stern's right. This could be a train wreck. But highly-rated!



well simon is doing it right cause i'm watching x factor over american idol now thanks to britney...


Madona...has much voice as Britney..if not less...Britney is the richest and most succesful female artist after Mariah...Can you digest the facts!


Simon your show sucks badly. Time to pack it up and go back to UK!


macy gray,bob marley ,michael jackson,janet j,madonna are popular nt becoz dey have a strong and powerful voice ..its their originality dat makes them popular


why do people keep saying dat britney can't sing.she can sing n she has an unique be a world famous singer originality counts,having a strong voice doesnt matter..doz whu say dat britney cant sing,ti
nk twice and ask yaself da meaning of da word entertainer..brit is a true star!ol da best brit2


I think she needs breaks for her mental well-being. She is walking on egg shells with her mentality, and maybe that's why Simon gave her the chance to take breaks and cool off.


Shes a friggin idiot.


Somebody messed up her song? She cannot really sing anyway. Put her up with a Christine ,or a Fergie and you'll see she can't sing.,she has body and a pretty face that's why they made her think she can sing.


Don't care what the contract says, for 15 million for one season of work, she can grow up and get down to work like an adult. Simon, I know you want ratings but grow some.


Hey, If you gotta go to the bathroom you gotta go to the bathroom..

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