Bristol Palin Reality Show to Revisit Infamous Heckling Incident

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Bristol Palin's new reality show on Lifetime, entitled Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp (get it!?!), premieres next month. And what a show it should be.

In addition to her home life, the show contains plenty of footage from her life as a quasi-celebrity after her appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Perhaps most notably, her infamous altercation with a boisterous man at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood when she went out mechanical bull riding.

Bristol received flack for asking if he was gay after he called her mom a “whore” and the “f*cking devil” and asked if she "rides Levi like that."

When she's not getting heckled and responding with unnecessary gay remarks, the daughter of Sarah Palin spends the bulk of her time as a mom.

The show centers around Bristol settling into life in L.A. with her three-year-old son Tripp. Her sister Willow comes along to help look after the boy.

The outspoken "celibacy activist" (a choice line from Lifetime's bio of her) says that she wants to clear up a lot of the misconceptions about her.

Also subject of the reality show is her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gino Paoletti, who she’s been seeing intermittently for the past few years.

Will you watch Bristol Palin's reality show?


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