Bristol Palin Reality Show to Revisit Infamous Heckling Incident

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Bristol Palin's new reality show on Lifetime, entitled Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp (get it!?!), premieres next month. And what a show it should be.

In addition to her home life, the show contains plenty of footage from her life as a quasi-celebrity after her appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Perhaps most notably, her infamous altercation with a boisterous man at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood when she went out mechanical bull riding.

Bristol received flack for asking if he was gay after he called her mom a “whore” and the “f*cking devil” and asked if she "rides Levi like that."

When she's not getting heckled and responding with unnecessary gay remarks, the daughter of Sarah Palin spends the bulk of her time as a mom.

The show centers around Bristol settling into life in L.A. with her three-year-old son Tripp. Her sister Willow comes along to help look after the boy.

The outspoken "celibacy activist" (a choice line from Lifetime's bio of her) says that she wants to clear up a lot of the misconceptions about her.

Also subject of the reality show is her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gino Paoletti, who she’s been seeing intermittently for the past few years.

Will you watch Bristol Palin's reality show?


To get ones feathers ruffled over what Bristol Palin says or any other you woman is just plain stupid. At least she is not afraid to speak her mind unlike most Democratic women. Democratic women have been held down for generations. They find themselves in a time warp that stays loyal to the very group that restricts them all the while the same group speaks of equal rights. I can watch Fox News and it's full of successful women holding their own. M.Bachman along with Palin have run for the higher office. Just look at the female Republican Governors! My Gosh! Dem's have H Clinton- that's it! Talk about one sided!


I don't understand why anyone gets on a site like this expecting another to agree with them. if you cannot take the heat- get out. I do notice one thing-Republicans are motivated by what they have loyality to and the rest are motivated to hating anyone who has a beleif that has substance and loyalty. you show me a person that goes against the grain and I will show you a person that has ( off centered) issues. They do not blend with mainstream- they lack society skills.


@GOP Greg Gosh! Trolls even exist in the Republican party, too, eh? Good to know! Make me feel even more proud I'm not a card-carrying member. No, I'm one of those Independents that intend along with most in my political affiliation to vote your man Obama out come November. Now get back under that bridge and stop messin' with folks! Hee-hee!:)


I'm a very prudent Republican and even I say about Stefan and Eyes Like Lightening the constant nasty way you both have only acted here, stop giving us Republicans a bad name!


I don't see where Eyes nor Stefan were out of line. Just saying what they feel like all the rest here do. Funny. A small group popped out suddenly to express support for one person and rather close to each other. I've noticed that happens from time to time. I believe their name starts with "T" and they live under the bridge.


All 3 get together in a 20 minute period. Amazing! Do you change clothes as well when you type with a different user name. Liberals are pathetic. Anti-American and Free Loaders! We do the heavy lifting- come behind you while you sit and cry about your rights! You people talk trash on Palin then you think you are justified? Probably some religious faction- no doubt. Justifying your comments with your religious extremist mindset!


After reading all this mess, I have to agree with EyesLikeLightening. She made a good original point that Kelly was taking up a large block of space going on about her liberal, pro-gay views. Sharing your opinion is certainly okay, but this was like way more than would be necessary to make one's point. It then seemed to turn into a tit for tat situation of which Kelly fully joined in with. What's the big deal? If you don't like what people are writing to you, then don't write back. Neither made deep, analytical points here at times--just bantering about. No need to really take sides. Therefore, Charlotte, if you've got something worthwhile to share on the Bristol Palin story then by all means--let's hear it!


Eyes like lightening and Stefan the way you two have behaved here you both obviously belong in the trash dumpster with lying Bristol and lying Sarah Palin.


I have to agree with Charlotte and Kelly as well. Kelly's been nice while you two guys have just angrily belittled her. You two guys have proved that we liberals aren't the only ones that are just hate-filled, negative, and angry currently. Some Republicans like you two, obviously are too. I have two lovely young daughters that I just warned about very angry Republicans like you two online in fact.


I agree completely with Kelly Joanne Cannon. You, Eyes like lightening and Stefan have done nor said anything productive here except aiding her in proving her point with her comments written below

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