Bristol Palin Reality Show to Revisit Infamous Heckling Incident

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Bristol Palin's new reality show on Lifetime, entitled Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp (get it!?!), premieres next month. And what a show it should be.

In addition to her home life, the show contains plenty of footage from her life as a quasi-celebrity after her appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Perhaps most notably, her infamous altercation with a boisterous man at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood when she went out mechanical bull riding.

Bristol received flack for asking if he was gay after he called her mom a “whore” and the “f*cking devil” and asked if she "rides Levi like that."

When she's not getting heckled and responding with unnecessary gay remarks, the daughter of Sarah Palin spends the bulk of her time as a mom.

The show centers around Bristol settling into life in L.A. with her three-year-old son Tripp. Her sister Willow comes along to help look after the boy.

The outspoken "celibacy activist" (a choice line from Lifetime's bio of her) says that she wants to clear up a lot of the misconceptions about her.

Also subject of the reality show is her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gino Paoletti, who she’s been seeing intermittently for the past few years.

Will you watch Bristol Palin's reality show?


@eyes like lightning---Metaphorically giving you a swift kick in the rear on here for lying about my brother Greg lying that we're for Obama and calling him our man. You just don't know what you're talking about!


Just leave Bristal alone she's trying to make her way, everyone has issues sometime in their live, i do want to say willow left and that was a stupid mistake you need to stick together as sisters, i hope she doesn't need Bristals help in her future, cause i'd tell willow f___k off, pam colvin california east bay


@M Baker I think you're absolutely right. And as for PD Wheatstraw, and some other people on here, you simply have no idea at all, who's really who, who really supports who, or what they're really thinking at all on here. And that's part of what makes you so angry. It's pathetic. It's also nothing but a sign of sheer, dumb, and niave ignorance.


Why give a warm welcome to anyone who sees fit to commit a crime?


Coming out of the ground


I come from a land where there is so much oil coming out of the grow the grass won't grow but Obama and his Green Energy crooks won't let us Drill. I come from a land that has decided if Obama wins we will not support any Federal agency or volunteer network. We will sit on our money and give a warm welcome to anyone who see's fit to commit a crime. We have been waiting- not like there is an adjustment to be made. By the way- There's " Republic" talk on the Horizon once again. I gotta tell ya- I'm listening. Time to cut the DC dead weight.


@PD--You're a Wheatstraw? YOU? I don't believe it! I come from the land in the Midwest where right now as we speak the 2012 wheat crop is bein' pealed off the fields..and wheatstraw is pretty much what's left behind the combines as it clips along till midnight. Yeah! Small world indeed! Btw, I'm related to Hogshaws on my Mom side. We're probably distant cousins six times removed, but STILL! Oh, and I do agree--Obama supporters are so easy to pick out. And they love to trash not only the Palins but anyone on the opposing side because...well, after all, what is one to do when your Modern Day Messiah has got nothing to show for four years. You just gotta keep bashin the enemy and hope for a miracle, eh? Trouble is--I can't see Obama walkin' on water any time soon. He'll be doin' good to "tread" water till November.


Hi everyone- I'm PD Wheatstraw 3rd cousin to Theodore Hogshaw the "Devils" son N law. To listen to you Hens go on and on about a Girl young enough to be anyones daughter is ridiculous to no end. 1st of all I don't believe a damn one of you that hate the Palins also dislike Obama. I see Obama lovers to the core! So! You call sell that somewhere else. Noooooo you are a Liberal and faithful follower to the dirtiest Administration since Nixon. I have to Shower after Obama gets through speaking - he is so dirty! An Administration that was bought before they took office. I can't say I'm a Palin Follower! She could come up missing tomorrow and I doubt I would notice for years! But! From what I see- Bristol should not of shut up! Obama is a Fraud and needs to be exposed and He Will- it will be the biggest fiasco in History!


Hello, Gloria Enders of New York, sister to Greg Enders. Let's discuss the issue at hand! What is your point regarding Bristol? Just because she doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle doesn't make her a homophobe. That's been a cheezy lil' attack that gays and their supporters like to toss in the face of those who don't agree with them. And as far as what point you're making about Sarah? It seems a bit muddled "guy in the WH" do you mean Obama? He spoke out against his own liberal flock? And Sarah wants him fired for that? Ahhhhh...yeah, right. Clarity?


I'm Gloria Enders, Republican, Greg Enders sister and we both live in New York City. We're certainly not for Obama and are not one bit interested in him. However, Sarah and Bristol Palin have both been two-faced, disloyal, before, towards the Republican Party. For instance, like last September when Bristol said she was simply just no homophobe and Sarah wanted that guy in the white house fired for speaking out against liberals back in December.

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