Bristol Palin on Bill Maher: What a Joke!

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Bill Maher loves to make jokes at Bristol Palin's expense. The daughter of Sarah Palin, whose new reality show premieres next month, says he IS a joke.

On June 19, Lifetime debuts Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp. Whether the new series succeeds or not is an open question. How Maher feels about her is not.

The comedian and talk show recently joked that Bristol will probably name her next baby Colt 45, after what Bristol's drinking when she gets pregnant.

Sarah Palin's Daughter
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That dig, also directed at her baby daddy Levi Johnston, who has another kid on the way (with Sunny Oglesby), did not go over well with Bristol Palin.

Asked what she thinks of Maher, she told Zap2it, "I find it really weird that all these adult men, that they're always trying to say something about me."

"They're older than my dad. They're just evil. They're like little girls. I feel like I'm in high school with a bunch of teenage girls. It's very strange to me."

Regarding what she'd say to Maher, Palin says, "I don't know. I'm not sure what I would say. I'd kind of shake my head at him. I think he's a joke."

Maher Tweet

"My mom just heard me say something about Bill Maher [and said], 'I'd punch him in the throat!' Someone does need to put him in his place, though."

"If my dad or any of my guy friends got a hold of him, he'd have another think coming," she adds in jest ... or not really. "He really is a joke."

Maybe so, but that Tweet above was pretty funny.



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@ Stevern-67 You are not only a bore, but condescending. You are not the only person with a mind who can reason & research. But you can't handle it if people believe differently than you. And if they don't you insult in sarcastic ways thinking it makes you come off superior! Well, you've come up short in that dept. Not an Obama supporter? Ha! You are a closet liberal. I think you're trying to convince someone hear you're something you're not. Too late that person already has you figured out. My health ins. premiums went up and for many folks I've talked to.And they'll continue to rise because we will pay for new govt. regs the insurance companies pass onto us. Obama has received the most donations from Wall St. and Corporate America in modern history. So I don't know what YOU are talking about. You better get off this site and do some real research! I welcome your absence from posting.


Reply to Stefan - do yourself a favor. Check out Wendell Potter, an insurance company executive who turned whistleblower when he couldn't live with the lies he generated for the insurance companies. He'll explain how he crafted messages so people like you will vote AGAINST your best interest. He came up with the idea to scare people by calling people like Michael Moore socialists because Moore was exposing the whole insurance scam against the American public. He was an insider for 25 years, in charge of all the insurance stories you read in the newspapers. He'll explain how Congress (especially the Republicans) are owned by Obama has certainly disappointed me, as a progressive, but some of his policies have actually made my life better. I mentioned a few ways in my response to EyesLikeLightening. Good luck.


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I don't have a dog in this fight. Could care less but it is time to tell the truth. This is for those who hate Sarah Palin- Not because she is outspoken or obnoxious. It is because these people hate a woman who is not in favor of Gay Marriage. You bashers are loyal Obama followers. My guess is your Gay- Your Black - Your resentful and you are out of place in the norm. A sick bunch- all of you.


The real issue is the fact that she and her family are and have been victimized since '08. If we treated Obama and Biden--AND their families in such a manner there would have been an outrage! The point is--the liberals/Democrats are nasty, rude and cruel to the Palins and then sit back & say, "Oh, look! They can't take our horrid, non-stop abuse with a smile!" How SICK is that! No wonder the statistics show that more people are leaving the Democrat Party than GOP! I would, too! I'd say to the liberals--"Go make yourselves useful!" But, with your ideology it's an impossibility!


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