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bristol can voice her opinion all she wnts but when u call the pres the things she did and then say a child only does well in a father mother home knowing there is no father in her childs life expect comments to come her way. Ppl dnt do too well with hipicrites. If i go out and steal then write a blog about why natile portman shouldnt steal what do u think would happen? If i do drugs then say anyone else who does drugs should go to jail for 20yrs what do u think would happ? If u are going to come out hard on someone else u need to make sure ur own house is in order first. Her nt liking gay marriage is fine, so stay on that topic but to slam the pres the way she did jus becuz she disagrees with him opened the door for the same to happen to her.


how nice.
Good work on bullying bristol.

Bristol doesnt share their same opinion so all the "celebrities" trash her and bully her into shutting up.
shes no saint. but shes allowed a voice. this is america. the land of hatred. from both democrats and republicans.

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