Bristol Palin Eviscerated By Celebrities Over Gay Marriage Comments, Obama Criticism

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Bristol Palin is, predictably, receiving a swift and solid Twitter smackdown after speaking out against President Barack Obama's support of gay marriage.

Palin said, in short, that heterosexuals make better parents, Obama is a pushover who lets kids script his policy statements, and Glee might make you gay.

Shortly after writing her blog post ripping Obama, Bristol's hearing about it.

A few comments directed at the unwed 21-year-old mother, who says "in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home," are as follows:

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JWoww: "Bristol should keep her uneducated ignorant mouth shut... If Ur living in the past u wouldn't have a kid w/out marriage #hypocrite. It's 2012!"

"My best friend will get married one day and not just have civil union with his man. Stop hating people," added the outspoken Jersey Shore star.

Sherri Shepherd: "Sara Palin educated Bristol... and not blaming Bristol, but I'm blaming Bristol being young & not excercising good judgment."

Samantha Ronson: "'We know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.' really bristol palin? how's your kid doing?"

Lo Bosworth: "Bristol Palin - you so silly, girl."

Perez Hilton: "‏I think I need to give Bristol Palin a good massage. Girlfriend needs to RELAX!!!"

Lea Michele of Glee, which Bristol also attacked: "Amen." In response to fellow cast member Amber Riley: "We support you @BarackObama and commend you for taking a stand. #equalityforall #loveislove #gleesupportsObama"

Kathy Griffin: "Yep! & don't b fooled, she & Sarah LIVE 4 it! RT @Frankr0d: R u going 2 talk about Bristol Palin on the KATHY show unite?"

Gay marriage:


She is simply voicing her opinion. Of course the opinion comes from someone who wasnt smart enough to use a condom to avoid an accidental teenage pregnancy so I am not surprised by what she said.
Prejudice isnt inherited, its taught.


Bristol is hot just like her mom. Thats what counts. haters.


study after study? NAME ONE That isn't by some crazy-ass cult religious group. ONE.


the same ppl on here who think celebs are being mean to bristol for her opinion are the same ones who think her blatant disrespect of our pres and name calling is ok. So which is it? Is it wrong for everyone to act this way? Or is it only wrong for the left to act this way? And ok for the right? U stand up for her words sayin its her opinion yet with these tweets u condem them for being bullies. Cant have it both ways.


The left is not the only side that makes rude comments. To sit here and defend on side and act like the other is a angel is truly funny. Both sides have embarsement to show. Like i said before she can have her opinion but why the insults? Conservatives will give it but dnt wnt it bk. Why not? Get a bk bone. if liberals have to sit there and take it then so do conservatives. almost every time there is a obama story i see crazy racist words but i kno not all repubs are racist. So shud i now classify all repubs as racist becuz some get balls when they are on the net? I guess if i follow some commentors on here i should.


Every time she opens that mouth she digs a deeper hole. Of course she is entitled to her opnion, but she has no clue about tact & class. STFU Bristol until you grow up!


@Max It's fine to have an opinion but it's different when someone giving an opinion on marriage is unmarried with a child. Can you say hypocrite.


Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. She is certainly entitled to hers. But shes a young kid with no life experience outside her sheltered world. She has to realize there are tactful ways to say things with out sounding like a pompous ass. Same sex marriage should be allowed and if she doesnt like it, she doesnt need to marry a woman. No one is forcing her to. It doesnt effect her or anyone else. I dont see the problem. Let these people have a legitimate legally recognized union. And she should remember that the morality police dont like her either. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. Kids with same sex parents have 2 parents which is more than she can say.


@ max. Your so right you just need to remember that any site involving Hollywood or people in Hollywood that you or anyone else that has an opinion on anything that it's wrong unless it's politicly correct. These people who live their lives vicariously through the Hollywood crowd that they don't know and most likely never meet believe only in what's the politicly correct hot topic of the moment. The only life they have is the screen in front of them and it does their thinking for them . And just like Hollywood they will crucify anyone that doesn't agree with them or think exactly like they do .


"Ignorance, the stem and root of all evil" [Plato]

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