Beyonce Pregnancy Weight Loss: 60 Pounds!

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Beyonce is back on stage and back in shape.

Not even five months after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy, she performed live over the weekend, showing off a slender figure that belied her recent pregnancy.

The megastar revealed her weight loss secrets to a capacity, awe-inspired crowd at her Atlantic City concert, with Michelle Obama and daughters in attendance.

Beyonce Pregnant Pic
Beyonce Post-Baby Photo

At a red carpet appearance earlier this spring, Bey had already slimmed down.

During the second of her four concerts at the Revel Beach Ovation Hall in New Jersey, the 30-year-old star said, “Y’all have no idea how hard I worked."

“I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!”

It certainly paid off for Bey who had looked sensational in all her custom-made Ralph and Russo costumes, particularly a midriff-baring two-piece.

But she added: “Now tonight I'm gonna get chocolate wasted!”



I'm thinking she really didn't mean lettuce or that she lost 60 pounds. I think it's attention-getting concert banter and she's getting the attention. Anyone who has breastfeed knows that lettuce isn't going to cut it. That's insulting the intelligence of everyone. As far as losing 60 pounds, where? That kid was not that big at birth which meant about 50 pounds of everything else. I gained 25 pounds and my kid was 8 pounds. She may have lost 30 pounds. I mean she was promoting an album and no one noticed the 60 pound weight gain. As unfairly hypercritical as the media is about women and weight gain? Please. Kate Hudson gained 60 pounds and we say every ounce. Jessica Simpson took eating for two to heart and we say that also. I dunno..yes we are drinking her kool-aid with a smile...but sometimes you really gotta smell the bs.


First off I do believe it was Beyonce's egg and Jay-Z sperm but I DO NOT believe she actually carried that baby and what led to my suspicion even more is that she is supposedly breast feeding and you r going to admit that you only ate lettuce to get back in shape. Ummm how is that healthy for your baby? The truth always come to light ;\


Come on guyz she is da goddess of da devil,an illuminati anyting is possible in satan's world,who cares about a person who says GOD does not exist,just because she made it in whorelihood and lyk a whore she is,so is da baby,lyk they say a baby of a snake is a snake.


Do anyone believe that "lieyonce" had that baby by JayZ? The baby is too white. She was never pregnant! The lies that comes out of her mouth....


I think Beyonce is cute and everything, but I also don't believe that her baby came out of her body. I also think she had a surogate. If it does not sound or look right it,s because it's not. Beyonce always looked so uncomfortable and tight smiled when she was "pregnant". I was just never convinced. Money is power and I'm sure you can make some of your dreams come true with it. Anybody can gain wait and go up two cup sizes with the right bra, right. The whole pregnancy thing just seemed so misaligned. She did'nt even have that special pregnancy glow. It was just so weird, really weird.


She didn't look like she gained 60 lbs. then how much Jessica Simpson gained? Hard work and dedication is what it takes not just havin money.


One: There is no way in he!! that she gained 60 pounds, 30 possibly, even that may be a stretch.
Two: IF she is breast feeding she should be eating healthy for her baby's nutritional needs, and a diet of lettuce just doesn't cut it.
With bullsnot like this there is no wonder that many people do not believe she actually had a baby, that she used a surrogate.


This girl should just die this girl so phony, shallow I can't wait til I see she is dead!!!!!!!


People, come on!!! It's not like that. 60 pounds, 30 quilos, counting THE BABY and placenta. All of that, she dropped at the operation table. NOt counting all the blood we lose for days and days ahead. All that we have swollen too. I gained 30 pounds in both pregnancies. Doing NOTHING, after giving birth, I was like 15 pounds thiner in less than a week after giving birth after the first one. SO it's SOOOOO OVERSTATED! It's not like that.


Seriously???? Fake pregnancy????? Dietary injections???? you guys certainly have quite an amazing imagination

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