Bath Salts: Were They Behind "Miami Zombie" Attack?

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Police and doctors are reportedly blaming "bath salts" for the bizarre, grisly behavior of Rudy Eugene, who began devouring Ronald Poppo's face last weekend.

We're not talking garden-variety aromatherapy products here, though.

The term "bath salts" can also be used to describe illegal, designer street drugs that have been linked to violent delusions and even death, investigators say.

Either the zombie apocalypse is nigh, or Eugene was on something strong enough to prompt a psychotic, gruesome meltdown that seems incomprehensible.

Rudy Eugene Mug Shot
Ronald Poppo Mug Shot

Police were forced to shoot Rudy Eugene when he refused to stop eating Poppo's face; He growled at them, naked, and resumed feasting before being killed.

It took multiple gunshots to take him down. Ronald Poppo is a homeless man with no known connection to Eugene and is in critical condition at a hospital.

Bath salts were also blamed in another Florida incident in which a man overdosed on the drug and died. Similar cases may prompt stronger DEA action.

The DEA banned chemicals commonly used in bath salts: mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. Sale of these items now results in federal drug charges.

At least 38 states have enacted bath-salt bans, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, instituting penalties for possession and trafficking.

Of course, because bath salts are made by "street chemists," there's really no way to know what chemicals are actually contained in any given quantity.

There's also no medical test to detect bath salts in a patient. "The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you," one expert said.


That is creepy shiz


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I wouldn't rule out the fact that bath salts could have caused this. The only problem is that the police have to wait for a toxic screen to come back first. Thats the only way to be 100% sure that was the cause. If it turns out he was on bath salts, then hey! We all go back to our normal lives. If he wasn't, maybe we should consider the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. It's the most plausible out of every sci-fi apocalypse.


WTF... bath salts and spice is legal but buds are still a no no
what bull sht have you ever hear of peaple doing this shit on weed


I honestly think that with the information comming up becouse of the first known artical about the "zombie" attack in Miami. people are takeing it as an apacolypes has started .. i think people want it to happen becouse then it would be proveing that the world would end as we knew it in 2012 ... But think about it how many known cases are there about canniballism? and people think becouse this was witnessed its a whole different story... i just think if you think its a "zombie attack" then be ready and if you dont .. well then dont worrie


I did bathsalt from about Sept. to April. It may have kept me awake and energetic for day on end but come on I never wanted to hurt anyone or myself and I damn sure didn't want to go Dr. Lector an anyone Lmao! Zombie apocalypse people. Caused by the government made "zombie pathogen"


Clearly NO ONE truly knows what was going through this guys brain. The police are probably just assuming bath salts because, seriously, wtf else could be wrong with this man? I understand why the cops shot him on the spot. I'd do the same just because at that point you really have no idea what he was capable of doing. I've never done bath salts, but I will take someone's word that they make you go insane. Lets get real, this isn't the zombie apocolypse, and I think its kind of offensive to be calling this man a" zombie." I dont believe that the government is hiding anything either... It wouldn't make sense. I think everyone is a little baffled by this because there isnt a way to tell what happened... but it is what it is. Don't do drugs people!!!


I live in bangor, maine, otherwise known as bath salt city well atleast around here hahaha anyway i hear about crazy shit like this all the time, i heard a guy choppd up hi wife with a machete another dude jumped out of a window, one guy killed his whole family, another punched his balls until they burst because he thought they were bugs and then he bleed to death, another guy got naked and ran through the city forest for like 3 days because h thought monsters were chasing him. one of my good friends was attacked twice and had to kick some tweeker ass but anyway you guys might not hear about what bath-slats does to people on a daily basis but i do and i can say there bad news bears through and through.


Some of you need to think before you speak. The article states there is no medical test that detects bath salts in a patient, this means lab work such as a urine or blood analysis. However once someone is deceased there are other ways of discovering what may or may not have been happening in a persons body, maybe you've heard of one of the very important ways I speak of, it's called an autopsy. Seriously people, how about educating yourselves instead of assuming you already know it all.


in my oppinion i think its imported african salt or foreign contamenet with the drug. Most of our diesieses come from foreign land so this must be one of those cases. Theres been similar stories on africa about children turning mindless and nawing on objects. oppinion #2 the holutionation of the drug caused violent turns for the Person thinking he was a zombie in
his hilutionation and copying the movies. eating the defensles one.