Bath Salts: Were They Behind "Miami Zombie" Attack?

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Police and doctors are reportedly blaming "bath salts" for the bizarre, grisly behavior of Rudy Eugene, who began devouring Ronald Poppo's face last weekend.

We're not talking garden-variety aromatherapy products here, though.

The term "bath salts" can also be used to describe illegal, designer street drugs that have been linked to violent delusions and even death, investigators say.

Either the zombie apocalypse is nigh, or Eugene was on something strong enough to prompt a psychotic, gruesome meltdown that seems incomprehensible.

Rudy Eugene Mug Shot
Ronald Poppo Mug Shot

Police were forced to shoot Rudy Eugene when he refused to stop eating Poppo's face; He growled at them, naked, and resumed feasting before being killed.

It took multiple gunshots to take him down. Ronald Poppo is a homeless man with no known connection to Eugene and is in critical condition at a hospital.

Bath salts were also blamed in another Florida incident in which a man overdosed on the drug and died. Similar cases may prompt stronger DEA action.

The DEA banned chemicals commonly used in bath salts: mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. Sale of these items now results in federal drug charges.

At least 38 states have enacted bath-salt bans, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, instituting penalties for possession and trafficking.

Of course, because bath salts are made by "street chemists," there's really no way to know what chemicals are actually contained in any given quantity.

There's also no medical test to detect bath salts in a patient. "The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you," one expert said.


First of all ITS A MOVIE and theres no such thing of zombies once ur dead ur dead unless ur god or jesus y cnt people get this ITS A GUY WHO IS EXTREMELY HIGH!!!!!!!!!


is there a difference between the bath salts i bathe with and the ones causing the canabal stuff.


The lab results haven't even come back yet, so the news articles are only speculating! There is no proof whatsoever that this was caused by this or any drug. I really hope that the actual lab results are publicized so that we will know!


is not zombie attack.. i think is cannibal attack :)


ok first for those of you who think this is a zombie attack your stupid. zombies are people who DIE and come back then eat people. these people are just really messed up on drugs and eating people this is NOT a zombie attack and if it was then after the homeless man would have turned already. so since your so big on zombies you should know that this is clearly NOT a zombie attack.


shouldn't we be getting a report soon about the victim attacking the people in the hospital soon? surely he has become infected...


LOL...look...I am not saying bath salts, or any other drug are good. I am also not saying this dude wasn't using them. What I am saying is that in instances where there is really illogical craziness or bizarre effects caused by use of any drug...there are underlying mental health issues that are seperate from use of drugs. I realize that drug use is a problem today...but too often it gets the full blame for crazy behavior. Let's say a cop gets shot...and, when they catch the guy, there happens to be a bag of weed in his pocket. The media reports that the guy shoots a cop in some sort of drug fueled frenzy. People who are ignorant to the REAL dangers of drug use believe things like this report, and the real issue...mental avoided and whatever drug the perp is on take most of the blame. The average, "normal" drug user...wheather it be heroin, bath salts, crack, NOT going to try to eat you...I promise!


wtf is up with people calling this shiz a "new form of lsd" bath salts usually contain mdpv as well as other chemicals. bath salts, chemically, have nothing in common with the mind expanding and life changing chemicals such as LSD, LSA, and DMT. GET REAL PEOPLE STOP DEMONIZING LEGITIMAT HALLUCINOGENES! check yourselves.


Seem legit, from what I've read on bath salts these are the typical side effects. SN: No sleep for four or more days causes hallucinations on its own and the drug keeps you awake for that long. "If the only way for certain is for someone to tell how did the know when the killed him?" SN: The same was said for every new drug when cocaine hit the streets there was no medical test for it. Hell the medical test for mushrooms is a spinal tap. Now then. If cops have dealt with bath salt users before, there are red flags that aren't definitive proof raised by certain behavioral patters. I don't have a breathalyzer in my trunk but I can spot a drunk because I've seen them before. Lastly... if it causes hallucinations which I believe they do, this would be neither first nor last "bad trip" gone violent case.


I thinks is a goverment cover up hush hush typo biological warfare is here umbrella corp. Residenf evil hint hint they make all this movies to mentally prepare us .check out ahhh zombies the movie.