Barack Obama: The First Gay President!

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In the mid-90s, author Toni Morrison famously referred to Bill Clinton as "the first black President" based on his empathy, efforts to foster broad socioeconomic equality and commitment to issues important to African-American community at large.

Newsweek plays off this quote in its new cover story on President Barack Obama.

Following Obama's public support of same-sex marriage, he has been dubbed The First Gay President ... in a manner of speaking of course:

Barack Obama Newsweek Cover

While Obama's statement was groundbreaking and bold, will his "coming out" on behalf of gay marriage even make a different in November’s election?

"If you were going to cast your vote based on a candidate's position regarding same-sex marriage, you were already going to vote for Obama [or] Romney based on that," Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank said on ABC's This Week.

"I literally don't think anybody's vote was changed one way or the other."

In any case, Obama’s end to “evolving” on gay marriage will continue to generate critical comment, and not all of it positive, even from the left.

“His embrace of gay marriage was not a profile in courage,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote, taking issue with adulation shown toward the President (such as on the cover above) more than anything.

“Even when he does the right thing, by the time he does it and in the way he does it, he drains away excitement and robs himself of the admiration he would otherwise be due ... Why doesn’t he just do the exhilarating thing immediately?"

"Why does he have to be dragged kicking and screaming to principle?”

With Obama's face pictured looking skyward and a rainbow-colored halo above his head, the controversial cover leads to a story written by openly gay writer Andrew Sullivan, a self-described political conservative.

The boundary-pushing May 21 Newsweek issue featuring Obama, available Monday, comes after Time magazine's breastfeeding cover last week, which featured an attractive 26-year-old mother nursing her toddler son.

The cover sparked strong reactions across the world last week and led a Newsweek spokesperson to tell the New York Post that the magazine's editor Tina Brown had viewed the cover as a challenge.

"When Tina saw the Time cover, she laughed and said, 'Let the games begin,'" the spokesperson told the Post.

Game on.


@KM Sorry I was so wrong apparently you know much more on the subject, and good 4 u on being comfortable about your own personal sexuality. However the only thing I think I was trying to say is until we all put our bill of rights, and constitution back on top of the list. The same small minded politicians will keep control. And even though Romney, isn't the best choice, simply based on his religious views. He is still is a better choice than our socialist Pres we now have. And neither candidate will support anything that the money isn't following.


Obama is an absolute farce and one pathetic excuse for a president. Look into his eyes as he rants. You have to be brain dead, black, or a member of the media, not to see what this arrogant deceptive clown is about. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!


@Harry Karry: you are talking about Sherriff Paul Babeu. If you were in Arizona you would know that his congress bid is dead in the water because the GOPs wont have him. He is instead running for reelection as sheriff and even that will be a long shot given how hes polling in a v conservative district. You would also know that he was co-chair of Romneys campaign here and he was removed the day after he came out! In any case, he didnt come out of the closet willingly. He came out screaming and fighting after his mexican lover outed him. I've been out since I was 14 years old and so for me - i give him and others like him who hide who they are, zero respect.


Trogs follow Obama.


Before you know it, Oboma the Ape will condone marriages for people who want to marry their dog, their sister, or have 4 wives.


Lots of trogs here!!


TROG: total reject of God OR totally reliant on government.


I have seen a few good comments, yet nobody has mentioned the Republican sheriff in Arizona, or, New Mexico how happens to be gay, uphold the law and defend our rights , because the constitution is the holy document in this country, along with the bill of rights. And he supports the Republican nominee.


Obama? Come out on his own? Geez! I think the real issue is...Obama came out in favor of same sex because his hand was forced by Biden. Supposedly he wasn't going to say it till just before the Democratic Nat'l Convention....think people if the man really believed in same sex marriage? He would NOT wait till a certain time. He would have come out earlier. His evolution with a social issue is laughable! Romney's evolved, too, but does he get the slack cut for him? Of course, not! He flip-flops! Hypocrisy on the liberal side!


Offend? You mean to tell me that after Obama took the side of Gays that as a result calling him GAY IS OFFENSIVE? NOW IM REALLY CONFUSED! He has the Media in his Hip Pocket! They think of him as one of them! This guy is nothing but a " BALD FACE LIAR"! His record sucks and his main political Message will ""Evolve" into a theme that says " IF YOUR A REPUBLICAN YOU ARE A RACIST" ! This pathetic excuse for a President is a " Bi-Product" as to what is exactly what is wrong this this self proclaimed " SELF ENTITLED" Country! This guy has done nothing but campaign and point fingers! You would have to be insane to vote for this "CLOWN" again!

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