Aubrey O'Day Fired on Celebrity Apprentice; Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall Vie For Title

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Aubrey O'Day may not be a slut, but she is out of a job.

The outspoken ... whatever she is gave it her best all season long, but she was fired Sunday on Celebrity Apprentice, leaving Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall as the last men standing and vying for the top spot next week.

Did Donald Trump make the right call axing Aubrey?

Aubrey O'Day on Celebrity Apprentice

The boss man called the singer "transparent," sending her packing and leaving Arsenio and Clay to battle it out, with former teammates back in the fold.

Clay got some help from Penn Jillette, Dee Snyder, Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O'Day.

Arsenio, picked Paul Teutul Sr., Teresa Giudice, Lisa Lampanelli and Adam Carolla.

Team Clay and Team Arsenio were then told to direct, produce and star in a variety show to raise money for their charities, sell tickets and create a PSA.

Clay decided to put on a musical, asking Debbie for musical advice and Penn to help write and conceptualize. Clay and Debbie quickly sparred over it.

The former American Idol runner-up was a fan of micromanaging more than Arsenio, but both men were dedicated to raising funds for their causes.

Clay, a former special education teacher, was happy and right in his element when working with children for a National Inclusion Project PSA.

Arsenio, who was raising money for the Magic Johnson Foundation, took a humorous approach to the task. He even involved Magic in the PSA.

Unfortunately for Team Arsenio, a miscommunication with the tech team made much of Magic's essential shot unusable, possibly dooming him.

It's all about the ticket sales and contributions raised, though, and both will play a key role in who wins the Celebrity Apprentice next weekend.

Who do you think it'll be, Clay or Arsenio? Tell us below.


I was soooooooohappy when Lisa and Aubrey got fired..............


Aubrey was found to be 'transparent'; For politics transparency is fine, but not for business. It is perfectly obvious that anyone in a position of power could see right through Aubrey's deceit. Aubrey is too calculating and self serving; she talks a good game, but that is all that it is a game;until she has her hooks in you to go in for the kill. Aubrey wants people to think that she is clever, but no, Aubrey is the kind of person that you just can't trust and that is bad for business.


Clay all the way!!! He was just soooo smart; didn't character assinate his competitors and added comments when necessary. Clay is so smart; He will win!!! Arsinio is a fun guy, smart but no way can he win!!!!


I don't like Lisa at all. she is rude and dispectful. i dont think she is a good representitive of any women, gay or straight. aubry is young and learning. if she is "transparent" it is that she wanted to win and helping others win, so did she. i never heard of either one befor apprentice. as far as clay or arsenio, either one would be great. i kinda hope for clay because of the inclusion program. thatzs all.


Clay is an annoying queen but arsenio appeared to be lazy in most tasks. He always appeared in the little cameos talking about what he would have done but did very little . Teresa got that right. Aubrey although a real pain was instrumental in most tasks even helping arsenio win when he didn't have a clue . Funny though trump not a fan of gays or blacks . Keep waiting to see if arsenio will get leno bucks . All those contacts he had over the years and he never pulls any money in . Got a big kick out if them making a big deal out if magic doing a psa . It is his baby after all


All Trump wants is money . you could be Pink and Purple pock-a-dot and if you made money your in


Yolanda. You a Foo! Arsenio woulda been axed weeks ago if that was the case. Both are nice and play fair. Go Clay! But Arsenio winning is good too.


I hate to see it when it comes down to 2 friends competing against each other. Clay and Arsenio, you can tell, have bonded thru this experience. -- As far as Yolanda's comment: I really don't think Trump feels that way. He has worked with respectively, people with a range of diverse ethnic qualities. Even though there are still some ignorant minded people of all races on earth (unfortunately, stupidity will never go away), I'd like to think as a whole, we have grown and evolved from those primal prejudices. Plus, I don't think one of the richest men in the world would openly set himself up on purpose like that being that narrow minded.


I think aubrey should of been on celebrity apprentice and aresenio really didnt do much.,.it should of been the two women battling it out on celebrity apprentice.. Lisa and Aubrey were the brightest ones on that show. To me Clay didnt do much for his team but he did do more than Aresenio.. Lisa and Aubrey were the ones that came up with the best ideas.


It won't be arsenio cause you know donald trump don't like black people that much he'll let them stay around but give them top honors no way

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