Aubrey O'Day Fired on Celebrity Apprentice; Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall Vie For Title

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Aubrey O'Day may not be a slut, but she is out of a job.

The outspoken ... whatever she is gave it her best all season long, but she was fired Sunday on Celebrity Apprentice, leaving Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall as the last men standing and vying for the top spot next week.

Did Donald Trump make the right call axing Aubrey?

Aubrey O'Day on Celebrity Apprentice

The boss man called the singer "transparent," sending her packing and leaving Arsenio and Clay to battle it out, with former teammates back in the fold.

Clay got some help from Penn Jillette, Dee Snyder, Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O'Day.

Arsenio, picked Paul Teutul Sr., Teresa Giudice, Lisa Lampanelli and Adam Carolla.

Team Clay and Team Arsenio were then told to direct, produce and star in a variety show to raise money for their charities, sell tickets and create a PSA.

Clay decided to put on a musical, asking Debbie for musical advice and Penn to help write and conceptualize. Clay and Debbie quickly sparred over it.

The former American Idol runner-up was a fan of micromanaging more than Arsenio, but both men were dedicated to raising funds for their causes.

Clay, a former special education teacher, was happy and right in his element when working with children for a National Inclusion Project PSA.

Arsenio, who was raising money for the Magic Johnson Foundation, took a humorous approach to the task. He even involved Magic in the PSA.

Unfortunately for Team Arsenio, a miscommunication with the tech team made much of Magic's essential shot unusable, possibly dooming him.

It's all about the ticket sales and contributions raised, though, and both will play a key role in who wins the Celebrity Apprentice next weekend.

Who do you think it'll be, Clay or Arsenio? Tell us below.




I would rather Aubrey than Arsenio. Yes, she's annoying, but she has worked really hard and has good ideas and it be great to watch her either sink or swim in the finale. She'd have to put her money where her mouth is and would have no one but herself to blame if she lost. I'd watch that. And she's good tv.


Took me by surprise. if you were going to can Aubrey for being a b!tch, why didnt you do it weeks ago? At any rate, like her or not , shes a much stronger player than Clay, who I didnt expect much from, and havent been impressed with...he seems weak, childish/emotionally fragile and not overly bright in any regard.


I think Trump picked the right two people to represent the CA. In order to be the finalist it isn't just about how many ideas you have or task you won. It is about your character as a leader. So out of everyone, these two should be it.
I'm glad to see Trump got it right. These two finalist are respectable abd we need that in this day and age.


WHOO-HOO!!!!! Aubrey is FINALLY gone from Celebrity Apprentice. I am so ECSTATIC!!!!! Where Arsenio vs. Clay is concerned (and I like 'em both)...may the BEST one win!!!!!!


Continued- It only showed her own insecurities about age. She is almost 30 and probably declaring her youth because she feels she is losing it soon. She was the youngest in this game, but back in LA when she is singing and dancing, she is no longer a spring chicken. She seemed overly confident in ways that made her seem insecure. I do believe she had great ideas and that she earned the final spot more than Arsenio. He is far more likeable but she did more in tasks. At the end of the day, she cannot work well with other people and just proved herself to be unhireable, even for outside of this show. Any possible future employers will just see her a red flag. Sorry to say, but it's a good thing she likes Lisa, because she is looking at herself in fifteen years. Good Luck Clay, I think you are the better of the last two, 'apprentice wise.' Great show.


AMF, AO you lie. AO made it hard to watch a show I enjoy. AO minuses are way more than her pluses, your'e fired!!!


clay has it in the bad. arsenio is a big blk loser.


Aubrey told Wendy Williams that Arsenio didn't raise any money. That's all bad for him but for her trashy looking mouthy ask me no question.... SHE'S FIRED!!!! LOL


Good riddens!! Never liked the Bozo Clown anyway!!

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