Aubrey O'Day Fired on Celebrity Apprentice; Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall Vie For Title

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Aubrey O'Day may not be a slut, but she is out of a job.

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    i didn't know who lisa lampanelli was before apprentice but i'm sure i wouldn't mind pissing on her hideous face all day long now


    audrey oday truley the celeb apprentice,,arsenio won tasks because of her


    Aubrey gives Katie Girls a bad name. Katie Girls are strong and confident, and we blaze our own trails. Calling yourself a Katie Girl is not a justification to disrespect people, and then dis them when they don't like you. It's not a free pass to act out. Katie Girls often have a hard time maintaining relationships - some guys can't handle strong women. Aubrey plays the victim too often, when her behavior, not just in Celeb Apprentice, but throughout her career, results in the scorn and ridicule heaped onto her.


    Aubrey and Lisa were self serving, conceited, and both very insecure which was displayed in each episode. Yes they had some good ideas but many of those ideas didn't win. A project manager doesn't have to do all the work or come up with all the ideas...they manage the people that do! The PM needs to harness the strengths of the team, listen to opinions and act when necessary or in some cases not act if it will be a detriment...when working with these to women there are certainly times when this was true. The PM also needs to display a cool head and be respectful. Arsenio all the way!!!


    How in the world can GLSEN justify having Aubry O Day represent them in anyway. The way she treats people is exactly what they fight against.


    Aubrey proved her firing was appropriate. Giving The Donald and the finalists from last season an F-U for calling her transparent is not the way to handle being fired.

    Aubrey was creative, good at visualizing, and worked hard. However, she is self-centered, not a team player, willing to ride roughshod over her project manager, didn't represent her charity well, lost a lot of tasks, didn't have the respect from many contestants, was not an inspirational leader, and couldn't raise much money all season. How could that resume possibly be the next Celebrity Apprentice?


    This show is not about who has the best idea or who works the hardest. At the end of the day, the winner is going to represent the Trump empire. Aubrey is too self-center to represent anything other than herself. Donald Trump is no dummy.


    Trump is a master. He knew Aubrey O'Day would never be in the finals. He kept her around as a lightning rod, which she was. She lost way too many tasks, and was disliked by many contestants, unlike Clay and Arsenio, who are liked by most contestants. You do not have to be cutthroat to be a winner. Let your team do what they do best, and be willing to take a back seat when you should. Aubrey could do none of that, though she did crawl into a corner for one task after she was taken to task. But she went right back to her nasty, strongarm ways, especially when she said on camera that she wasn't going to listen to her project manager, and she will do and get what she wants no matter what. Be strong, yet be humble. That's a true Celebrity Apprentice. Ask John Rich. Ask Bret Michaels. Ask Joan Rivers. All quite humble, yet very strong people.


    Firing Aubrey O'Day was the biggest mistake. It was obviously due to her image that the producers decided to go the route they did. She was by far the most creative and lead most of the challenges no matter who was the project manager.
    Arenio Hall was completely disrespectful to her especially since without her I don't think he would have won his challenge.


    You don't stand a chance of winning, Clay! Arsenio will win for sure. Clay you suck, you talentless piece of s****!

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