Arsenio Hall Wins Celebrity Apprentice!

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Broadcasting live from New York City's Museum of Natural History last night, Donald Trump announced the newest winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

That man is Arsenio Hall!

Clay Aiken and Arsenio faced off in one final challenge on Sunday, with the help of former Celebrity Apprentice competitors. They were given the task of putting together a variety show and throwing a party to benefit their respective charities.

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken

The 56-year-old comedian was elated to win, putting his head down on the table then his hand to the sky. Clay hugged his competitor and friend.

Both men, and their charities, were the real winners last night, however.

Arsenio's team raised $167,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation, and Clay's team pulled in a whopping $301,500 for the National Inclusion Project.

Arsenio's charity was also awarded an additional $250,000 from Trump.

"I've never been so torn," Trump said, announcing the winner. "This is a very, very tough decision. You're both amazing people. There is no loser tonight."

Are you glad Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice? Or did Clay or third-place finisher Aubrey O'Day deserve it? Sound off in the comments below.


Arsenio won for a reason because he was better than Clay.


Clay was far better at the final task, he raised more money, his party was more fun, even Trump seemed to have a better time, and his variety show was just that, variety with singing and magic. The crows seemed to be into it more as they were playful and energetic.
I agree with others that the comedy was funny, but dirty and that does not always appeal to everyone. So Clay lost 1 task, big deal, there are other "Winners" who lost tasks too.
I thought he was robbed and I love Arsenio, he just was not better in the final task.


I think Arsenio totally deserve the win, no doubt.


Clay should have won. no doubt in my mind


Clay should have won


They both showed leadership qualities; one laid back, the other more aggressive. Both had control of their team and both made mistakes, both overcame obstacles but I though Clay had it. The team of comedians was raunchy and bleeped out-it didn't work. Clay's opening video, although touching didn't work-when he said you


No question, clay should have won if the contest was about who was better. This is a contest about who will make trump more money after the show. As trump mentioned several times during the series, he will receive a percentage of money earned by the winner. Pretty obvious who makes more money. Singer with an album of 50 year old songs or late night talk show host? Don't get me wrong, huge clay fan but money talks with trump.


As long as it WASN'T that megalomaniac Aubrey O'Day! Clay raised WAY more money and his party looked like it was better planned and more fun. From what we were shown, the comedians at AH's party were borderline raunchy & offensive.


Clearly Clay Aiken should have won. His team raised almost twice as much money and put on a better benefit performance. Trump pandered to the Hollywood set, just as when he gave it to Joan Rivers who did not deserve it either. Sad for Clay because he certainly deserved it.