Arsenio Hall Wins Celebrity Apprentice!

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Broadcasting live from New York City's Museum of Natural History last night, Donald Trump announced the newest winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

That man is Arsenio Hall!

Clay Aiken and Arsenio faced off in one final challenge on Sunday, with the help of former Celebrity Apprentice competitors. They were given the task of putting together a variety show and throwing a party to benefit their respective charities.

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken

The 56-year-old comedian was elated to win, putting his head down on the table then his hand to the sky. Clay hugged his competitor and friend.

Both men, and their charities, were the real winners last night, however.

Arsenio's team raised $167,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation, and Clay's team pulled in a whopping $301,500 for the National Inclusion Project.

Arsenio's charity was also awarded an additional $250,000 from Trump.

"I've never been so torn," Trump said, announcing the winner. "This is a very, very tough decision. You're both amazing people. There is no loser tonight."

Are you glad Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice? Or did Clay or third-place finisher Aubrey O'Day deserve it? Sound off in the comments below.


I don't feel Arsenio should win especially after calling Aubrey a whore and a slut. That is not how business people operate. Actually he should have been canned instead of Aubrey. Trump had poor judgment on this one and noone in our household wanted to watch the last couple of episodes. Done!


I think arsenio was the over all winner. D.T u got it right.


Dumb Clay followed Lisa in bullying the Miss Universe and Teressa. I laughed when Lisa through Clay under the bus by choosing Arsenio. Clay would make a horrible boss.


I watched the whole season and totally think that Clay was robbed. If he made it to the finals, it should have been judged on the final taks and Clay raised more money and had the best variety show. Arsenio was good but I think Clay beat him hands down.


Trump fell in the trap - rating and pressure - religion, race, ethnic should never play in a contest! The best should win. I would hate to win on what I am instead of what I can do. Apparently, Trump didn't watch the same show we did. I love Arsenio, I never missed his talk show, but Clay by a mile won. Trump showed weakness, bad business choice.


Aubrey O'Day is driven by her inflated ego. She is beautiful, smart
a & talented. She is rude, mouthy, judgemental and mean! I would be
afraid to be her friend.


Arsenio won his previous tasks as project manager due to the creative ideas of his teammates. IMO, he is more of a follower than a leader. Clay deserves to win the title. He is more of a leader and raised more money for his charity than Arsenio.


I agree with the majority of the coments-Clay was a clear cut winner all the way andI was quite dissapointed and perplexed at Trump's decision. He was better in all categories and also raised most money which should have made him a clear winner. But when did trump ever think what the rest of the world thinks? His ego is so big it trumps all of his trump towers. I like Arsenio and I was especially pleased what a close friendship and mutual respect these two developped over the course of the show and if anyone showed class and dignity it wasn't their "Boss"> Mr. Trump: YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!!!


Donald Dump, that's good. I doubt that Trump is racist or bigoted. Really don't think so. I'm a conservative and definitely not homophobic or racist, good grief! It's not 1900. Arsenio deserved it! Just think Clay should have won.


Clay was robbed again. Arsenio is great, but Clay should have been the Celebrity Apprentice. Great guy, smart, kind, and talented. Oh well, he's a winner in life anyway. Donald, you made an error in judgment.