Arsenio Hall Wins Celebrity Apprentice!

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Broadcasting live from New York City's Museum of Natural History last night, Donald Trump announced the newest winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

That man is Arsenio Hall!

Clay Aiken and Arsenio faced off in one final challenge on Sunday, with the help of former Celebrity Apprentice competitors. They were given the task of putting together a variety show and throwing a party to benefit their respective charities.

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken

The 56-year-old comedian was elated to win, putting his head down on the table then his hand to the sky. Clay hugged his competitor and friend.

Both men, and their charities, were the real winners last night, however.

Arsenio's team raised $167,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation, and Clay's team pulled in a whopping $301,500 for the National Inclusion Project.

Arsenio's charity was also awarded an additional $250,000 from Trump.

"I've never been so torn," Trump said, announcing the winner. "This is a very, very tough decision. You're both amazing people. There is no loser tonight."

Are you glad Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice? Or did Clay or third-place finisher Aubrey O'Day deserve it? Sound off in the comments below.


Trump, your politics in choosing Arsenio stinks! Arsenio as the celebrity apprentice? Was this an unfortunate mistake on your part or maybe an intentional one? Which one was it? Everybody who has watched the development of this show knows that Clay should have been chosen as the celebrity apprentice for the following reasons: He is competent and rational. Moreover, he is articulate and intelligent. Whereas, Arsenio, at best, was erratic, unstable, and, at times, explosive , irrational and PROFANE. IS THAT THE PERSON YOU WANT TO REPRESENT YOUR ORGANIZATION? Well, you got your piece of s—t!


Oh, and for you non-fund raisers, elegant minimalist adult venues are where the philanthropic are most comfortable in attendance, not a carnival, even for Children's charity, unless it's a children attended event; remember your audience. Lick your wounds and figure it out people. None of the finales I've seen like this reality show base the final decisions on just the last task, but takes into consideration every task performance of the finalist throughout the game or show to make their decisions on the winner. The tactics one uses to win can bite one into the losing position -overall. Lesson to be learned - by many it seems! **Final Answer (Part 5 of 5 -the end.)


5 seasons on the air and 2 of the winners are already singers so of course he cannot pick another singer.
Also, played the 'colored' card as never had a 'colored' person.
Also, Clay is homosexual and Donald is 'stuck in the dark ages' when it comes to ethics. Clay was already out even before the challenge started because of these 3 reasons. Even though I honestly believe Clay deserved to win, it seems like Donald's buddies always win.........Pierce, Joan, Brett........not fair but what can you do? It is his decision in the end. Obviously it does nto matter how much you make for your charity on the final challenge, that has been proven over and over. It is who is buddies with Donald more and this season it was Arsenio. you are a winner in my eyes Clay!


Black, white, gay, green, purple, indifferent, your behavior matters overall in the corporate world and the people you surround yourself with matters, too. Arsenio lost his cool with Aubrey (and who wouldn't, I was ready to slap her myself and Lisa many times), and he sincerely apologized for the way he responded, not the image he's proudest of. Arsenio represented the better character overall. But team Lisa/Aubrey were so self-absorbed and fanatically difficult to many of their teammates, and that's how Clay molded himself out of a win in the end. Part 4 - continued...


. Lisa also had the filthiest mouth and ramped it up in the finale entertainment segment of the show, while praising Clay when she first appeared on stage – and she did represent the opposing camp several times, as I remember her presenting the check with her drag queen look-a-like demonstrating her plight to see her team lose. Clay didn't act with any integrity either, because true leaders recognize acts of conflicts of interest and would have declined Lisa's donation during the final task. That's the gamble that Clay took and lost with. Believe that!! Corporate branding pays close attention to these types of antics, as employees have to sign commitments in that regard. So you think any brand would say that a leader engaged in conflicts of interest activity will say, it's ok, let's overlook that based on a dollar figure raised? Not going to happen, folks. Part 3 - Continued..


Clay chose to follow down the butts and nose jobs of the meanest girls and at the end of the day, any brand will weigh their reputation above the antics that played out in his (Clay's) end game with Lisa jumping ship to donate 10,000 dollars to the opposing team (which spoke volumes that there was blatant sabotage afoot within Arsenio's camp). And clearly Lisa and Clay escalated the drama earlier, when they deliberately acted to sabotage Dayana's task, and which became was another indicator of his lack of character, integrity that was not overlooked, people. Despite that, Arsenio would not allow himself to negatively comment, taking the high road on everything that Lisa did in supporting the opposing team when pressed for comments in the finale. Part 2 - To be Continued...


Arsenio played the better game of the two finalists all the way through, so consistency ruled. That he stood up for himself and made good decisions about his team mates, made him more outstanding a player and someone the Donald could respectfully see as part of his team going forward to represent his brand. Arsenio had the edge over Clay going into the finale with the two wins despite who came up with ideas on his team; he gets credit for the overall performance of those tasks as the leader, period). (part 1) be continued


As long as Aubrey didn't win, I don't care. Glad Arsenio won. Like both he and Clay....So in the end it really didn't matter to me which one won.


@ klee
Clay didnt seem "classy" when he was actively and eagerly trying to get Dayana off the show, even though in the event they worked together, he had no right to do so. He couldnt even give a straight answer to Trump who kept asking "...BUT Based on this exercise....?". I didnt see much class from Clay, sorry. about as much as Lou.
Just mediocrity.


Although definitely important raising the most money is not the clear definer of winning Apprentice.Ex until the country singer Rich Holly Robinson raised the most money($450,000) and lost to Brett Michaels.That poker player Annie raised more and lost to Joan Rivers.I think Arsenios speech was what changed Donalds mind.He said yes Clay keeps saying he came in 2nd on Idol but I came in 2nd behind Leno. Also mentioning that he's been on the cover of Time and Rolling Stone ect.Plus its clear how well he did with members of his own team against him(umm Lisa anyone donating $10,000 to the competition)that donation could have been made after the show.