Ariana Grande: Dating Josh Hutcherson!

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Josh Hutcherson is no longer hungering for a girlfriend. Why? Because he's reportedly playing the game of love with Ariana Grande!

Josh Hutcherson at CineCon

An insider tells Life & Style that the actor is romantically involved with Victorious star Ariana Grande. She plays Cat Valentine on that Nickelodeon sitcom.

"They've been seeing each other since the beginning of the year," a source tells the tabloid, adding that Grande even attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games with her man, but didn't walk down the red carpet because "they've been trying to keep it low-profile."

Hutcherson previously dated Vanessa Hudgens.


Ok.........… I believe that u guys r all right. U guys should not be fighting over Josh hutcherson. I know that we all love him and think that he is smoking hot and adorable, but look at reality do u guys really think that out of all of the celebrities and everyone in the world that he would pick u? I hope that he would pick me 2 but it's never ginna happen . Sorry:( and about this whole Josh dating Ariana and him dating victoria and him dating Vanessa ....…… so what it's his life not yours let him live it the way that he wants to .


Um excuse me IM The Biggest Josh hutcherson fan I love you Josh


Josh is the most amazing person in the entire world and yeah I can dream that I'm gonna Marry him some day cuz he is awesome


Come on ! Get a life all of u . He is sooooo not gonna date or marry any1 of u . Sooooo yeah


Screw u. I can do what I want I love josh u stupid bitch


All of you need to get a life. He is not going to marry any of you. You all just sound like a bunch of desperate wannabes. Honestly, as soon as he stops getting roles, losses his popularity, and fades into the background all of you will forget him and move on. Remember Jesse McCartney? Exactly. What do you think is going to happen? You'll meet him and fall instantly fall in love? How many times does a celeb marry someone completly normal? He'll probably end up marrying some other celeb. Please, do the world a favor and grow up. I don't mean for any of you to stop loving him or anything. Just stop with this whole "Only I love Josh and only I can have him" It's actually quite annoying.


Rachael loves him he is the best actor ever!!!!! I am going to be mrs.hutcherson! I love Josh!! My fav person in hunger games is peeta he is so hot!!! He is also so romantic.


Shut up u bitches hes mine I made a bunch of collated of him I'm hes number 1fan so screw u hes mine I love u josh!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we absolutely LOVE josh! (joshy) he is an amazing actor...our fav character in the hunger games is Peeta. (not to ugly either!!) :D
we just made a collage of him so back off sistas!! HES OURS!!!


i think there fine together but who knows

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