Anger Management Poster: Released, Hostile!

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Are you ready for a hostile takeover, FX?

How about a hostile makeover? That's what Charlie Sheen and the network are promising in their first official poster for Anger Management, the upcoming return vehicle for this once VERY troubled star. Check it out now:

FX Anger Management Poster

The series premieres on June 28 and will center around Sheen as a former professional athlete who makes an unexpected therapist. Ex-wife Denise Richards will even appear as the character's ex.

Check out the first Anger Management promo now and let us know: Will you watch?


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Hey Charlie is the man.let the guy be himself whatever tv show he is on I will can u base two and half we watch it on tv but when he does the same in life we say no we shouldn't have him as that character cause ?????? Media iand most people are pretty lame.well media is still keeping him accessible so that's a plus but let's see how anybody else on drugs like u all say keep it from really blowing up they push him and push most people can't even wait in line without freaking out or look at ur close friends and family try telling them they eat to much while u take pictures of there fat ass and shout things like have another cupcake u fat fuk so try that see how they do I got way more ammo but u can't influence people's opinion u only here what u want and see what ur told u will see. Peace Lovin u Charlie . Just keep doin what u think u need to do fuk the rest ......sincerely chad Tomlinson of McMinnville oregon