America's Got Talent with Howard Stern: First Impressions?

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So... that was it?

After months of hype and threats from the PTC, Howard Stern debuted on America's Got Talent last night and initially joked with viewers: "These NBC executives must be out of their minds taking a risk on me, they should be fired immediately."

America's Got Talent Poster

He then, however, assured everyone that he knows how to "behave." Except...

... didn't NBC hire him to mostly misbehave? What's the fun of a watered-down Howard Stern telling a contestant playing something called an "earth harp" that "I made my career out of originality, and I bow to you."

The most risque line Stern crossed? When he told another hopeful the following: "As a stripper you can't have man-boobs, you understand. I have them, but I'm not a stripper."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Plot that boycott, sponsors!

What did you think of Stern's America's Got Talent debut?


If you have to be mean to get a laugh, then you're not that funny. Howard is mean and not at all as funny as he thinks he is.


He talks so much the others can't get a word in edge wize. His judging is OK but I with he'd shut up.


He talks too much and its mindless dribble. He needs to give Sharon a chance to speak more. I like her and enjoy her comments. I watched an hour then turned to something else.


You missed the best part!
Howard: "Didn't a parent ever tell you maybe this isn't for you?"
Singer: "No, my parents are dead."
Howard: "And um, they died of embarrassment???"


i really don't like howard stern and i never have i found he was always to gross even on a show he had on late night. he has no respect for his viewers and his mouth is filthy. nbc could have made a better choice

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