American Idol Results: Who Remains?

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For their second performances last night, the remaining American Idol finalists sang tracks they wished they had written.

This evening, though, the wishes of only three contestants would come true. So, perfect segue behind us, who got the boot?

American Idol Top 4

Following performances by David Cook and Jennifer Lopez, along with the announcement that both Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet were safe, it came down to Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanaugh. And the eliminated contestant this week is...


Cavanaugh took the news better than good friend Ledet, as she sang her farewell to "The Climb" and the audience stood up and cheered. What do you think, readers? Did voters make the right choice in sending Hollie home?


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she is a fucked up


Philips will be next. He should have gotten booted several weeks ago. I can't stand to listen to him never mind look at him. But the only voters ( the teeny boppers ) love his blue eyes and bullshit smile. I doubt anyone will sign him.


I do not understand why the more you scream when singing the more talent the judges think you have!


I realize that Holly is too "vanilla" and needs some spice for what they want on this show. But she's growing, and could get there with some coaching. She has the voice, & the capability. Phillip's style, though interesting, I don't think is the concept of American Idol material. He's too unique, talented yes. Hollie would've fit in to the overall contemporary style of pop. So I don't agree with the results, but did expect it.


The public definitely made the wrong choice. I'm sure Phil is a nice guy, but there's 10,000 better performers and singers working in bars across the country. He, realistically, is nothing more than a bar band performer. I've been in the industry for years as a bar owner and producer as well as performer, and know talent. More than half the time he can't even reach the notes in the upper part of the songs. He strains and it's evident. Bottom line.


Go Jessica Sanchez, you got soul, and your kinda cute ;-)


It is called American Idol - not Americas best singer! So in my mind the whole package; song, presentation, performaance, charisma, and yes vocal ate taken in to account. In my humble opinion Joshua and Phillip deliver the total package more than the two girls.


The show needs some modern talent for guest appearances like Gotye and Kimbra singing Somebody I used to know. I'm tired of all these oldies but goodies people. Time for some fresh talent on the show.


I have finally figured out that the people watching Idol are really voting for the best performer!!!! In my opinion, Phillip should have been the cast off.....I can't understand how in the world the judges can give all those great compliments to someone that screams when they are singing, and those can't seem to sing in tune. Go figure. I may not be so musically talented but I can tell who has a voice and who doesn't.....I think the judges need hearing aids.