American Idol Results: Who Made the Finals?

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I love you guys so much because you have the courage to have a dream.

That's what Steven Tyler told the remaining three American Idol contestants tonight. Alas, for one of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, the dream is now over. So... following a painful Ice Age 3 tie-in and a performance by Adam Lambert, who got voted out of season 11?

Idol Final 3


The talented crooner takes it very well and even brings his mom on stage as he sings farewell via "Man's Man's Man's World."

This leaves Jessica Sanchez, likely the best voice of the season, and Phillip Phillips, the obligatory cute-white-guy-with-a-guitar-who-wins-every-season, to square off on next week's finale.

Do you think Ledet deserved to be voted off?


Who will win American Idol?


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Jessica should be the American Idol. She is very talented. Joshua should be the second. We 20 staff members voted for only Jessica.


I really wanted to see a Joshua/Jessica sing-off. Enough of guy and guitar, been there, done it. I believe America got it very wrong. I am hoping to see Jessica "last man standing"with the win.
love you Steven. Joshua will have a fantastic career, I can't wait.
Please all, vote JESSICA!!!


What is the matter with all you people saying Joshua isn't handsome? I've got many years of judging under my belt, and I think Joshua is very handsome in an all-American kind of way.


All three contestants are super talented and hopefully will have great careers. In my opinion, Joshua is the best singer/performer and I'm disappointed he was voted off. I like Jessica a lot, but she needs seasoning. Phillip is definitely an indie rocker and I love some of his stuff, but when he gives each performance the same flavor it gets boring for me.


zz "where are those people? JenniferHudson, Daughtry, Aiken, have been very successful" where is your head at last yrs final 2 both have albums in the top 20 on the country charts not to mention Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson, Scotty mccreery, Laura alaina - perhaps you slept thru those


Naw I have not liked Jessica the whole season except the first night .. she has gotten a license to kill from the judges well so has Josh I here them make mistakes all the time and the judges nvr drew them on it.. they did to all the other Idols -- It was a surprise last night to see Josh go perhaps the fans of idol do have a clue.. grtz on that.. Jessica should have nvr been saved was pathetic that night.. she cant sing yet in her low register cant understand a word she sings.. and her song selection was awful.. She might win.. but doesnt deserve it.. the only one i would buy albums from out of these 3 would be Phil - Jessie should not have been saved and come back another time when she grows up


Phillip is the best. Jessica is boring to watch. Joshua is good. But who will buy his music? I am a loyal AI watcher. America will get it right if Philip wins. Plain and simple people. Clean the wax out if your ears! And listen to them sing.


Georgia you totally know what's talented and what's not! Josh an Jes were okay but Phillip was by FAR the best! Yeah American did get it right,they DID!!


Did you ever think that the reason Joshua lost is a way of getting back at the judges for kissing up to him every week. It was so obvious that they were trying to control the winner and who to throw under the bus. Twice this season it backfired on them.
Shame on them


I wonder what happens to past ai winners? But i think some who didnt win but becomes singing artist improves their talent over the years. All you need is to be chosen by famous recording company and plenty of publicity then its on their way to stardom.but not all of them made it to be like J.Lo,Steve,S.Gomez and so on! There are those who dont make it too. Jessica,phillip and joshua will be an example of what to come, Ai to me is like proving what americans and the world likes! Its the majority that counts and not hansome boys or fantastic voice but songs the majority likes! Joshua have fantastic voice and phillip sounds like its mend to be alternative rock music. In my opinon jessica is mend for the majority of the americans and the world.