American Idol Results: Who Made the Finals?

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I love you guys so much because you have the courage to have a dream.

That's what Steven Tyler told the remaining three American Idol contestants tonight. Alas, for one of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, the dream is now over. So... following a painful Ice Age 3 tie-in and a performance by Adam Lambert, who got voted out of season 11?

Idol Final 3


The talented crooner takes it very well and even brings his mom on stage as he sings farewell via "Man's Man's Man's World."

This leaves Jessica Sanchez, likely the best voice of the season, and Phillip Phillips, the obligatory cute-white-guy-with-a-guitar-who-wins-every-season, to square off on next week's finale.

Do you think Ledet deserved to be voted off?

Who will win American Idol?


Is it just me, or was the Lisa Marie thing crazy? I felt like I was in the twilight zone!
And, is Joshua really Gay? If so, how disappointing. I thought he was just a really good guy who loved his mama. I didn't think he was gay. Sad. I hope it Ain't true.
I'll stick with the "white guy with a guitar.". Doesn't have anything to do with his guitar or skin color, but I love his music. He is awesome!


I knew it will happen! That annoying SO by the judges accorded to Joshua MANY times BACKFIRED...It is obvious people sent the right message. It is not just fair. Don't get me wrong, Joshua is a phenomenal singer (can't take much of his screaming, screeching, growling though) . This cost him the chance big time. He will do well after AI, for sure. PP is okay, my vote though goes to Jessica Sanchez. Let's give her some time, she's young. She will prove her worth as she ages. Remember Carrie Underwood as a contestant did not have that spunk, stage presence, was mediocre! Look and where is she now??? Bottom lime - we'll see a different Jessica in the years to come...


It was fitting to have Adam Lambert sing the night Josh got eliminated. I bet Adam felt a little Deje vous.


American Idol has once again proved that when you leave voting up to the general population, they cannot and will not ever get it right. Jessica Sanchez is just a copy cat type singer, she has a good voice, that's it, she is not an individual or an artist. Joshua and Phillip, both original, both artists! I would buy a Joshua Ledet or Phil Phillips album, but Jessica, never, no charisma, nothing really, just a little girl with a good voice. As for JLo and Stephen Tyler, they are just props, they don't judge, everyone is just "fabulous, beautiful, wonderful", wasted save in Jessica. Elise Testone should have been saved, another artist, and an individual.


It is almost a given that Jessica (ugh) will win after jlo got on stage to save her. Which I think was wrong to have wasted a save on her. Maybe Steven Tyler needs some new partners or just not fix the show like all the other shows on


Joshua should have been one of the two finalists. His voice, his natural, soulful, delivery was captivating. Unfortunately, his elimination was the end of the season for me. Prior to this current season, I lost interest because winners seemed to be chosen based on an unidentifiable enigma, as opposed to, who actually represented the best. I might bother to read about the finale but I will not bother watching it. Surely, it will not have the same impact!


joshua never had a chance. he is so gay and should have come out on the show. his insecurities on stage were a distraction.


Philip for the win!


Come on America.. Sending Josh home was not good judgement at all.. Josh is the best vocalist and singer on American Idol.. He is better than most of the singers thats in the industry.. America got it wrong.. To me and Iam sure others American Idol has turn more into a contest on a persons looks.. Not singing 100%.. Yeah I know that appearrance plays a factor,but come on.. Josh is the best and most powerful singer/vocalist.. I think he will still land a major record deal.. They all good in they own little way.. Josh should be in the finally.. He was flawless every week.. He also received great review from the judges and also received standing O's every week also.. Go back and see what all the judges say after each perfomances.. I know something just aint right.. Josh Ledet is and will always be my American Idol.


thanks charles for your infor, now i know daugthy,kelly,scotty and carrie gets their stardom. I love them. I subscribe to starworld station only this year in malaysia. Frankly i wont buy any cd from both phillip and jessica because they sang unprofessionally. They still need to be groom. I m surprise joshua was out even though he sounded fantastic. He too needed grooming. Ai shold have different catagory winner and not one. They are all equally good repectivelly. Phillips voice is really plain compare to both of j and j. Ai was all about majority and not alternative rock alone.

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