American Idol Results: Who Made the Finals?

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I love you guys so much because you have the courage to have a dream.

That's what Steven Tyler told the remaining three American Idol contestants tonight. Alas, for one of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, the dream is now over. So... following a painful Ice Age 3 tie-in and a performance by Adam Lambert, who got voted out of season 11?

Idol Final 3


The talented crooner takes it very well and even brings his mom on stage as he sings farewell via "Man's Man's Man's World."

This leaves Jessica Sanchez, likely the best voice of the season, and Phillip Phillips, the obligatory cute-white-guy-with-a-guitar-who-wins-every-season, to square off on next week's finale.

Do you think Ledet deserved to be voted off?

Who will win American Idol?


go jessica go


I have always liked Jessica from the very beginning, She has a amazing voice. This is just the beginning, she will be so big and I will buy her album and see her in concert.


Being a karaoke singer-composer (Filipino-born, who works at Pomona Urban League), all 3 get my vote! Whoever wins, gets a first shot at my compositions since 1963. Phillip keep it up. Phillip Phillips Philippines has a nice ring to it.


I think and I believe that Jessica is the best of all and we can see that shes the only one who is very confident in performing her song and she even have her originality as he revised the song with her own dynamics and hits the notes perfectly. She deserves to win this battle.


I seen this negative comments. Get over it!!! So so sorry your idol was voted off. We have favorate idol. I liked Joshua, Else, skylar and Colton. Now going to vote for Jessica. This girl sooo talented. I'll buy her CD and see her concert. Good luck Jess!!! U R the best. Please vote Jess girls powers


phillip is such nothing...i think he is comfort to be composer not a singer...hopely in finale,JESSICA SANCHEZ will win this AI season 11. last top 3 perfomance who should deserved to FINALE;
1)Jessica (3/3)~EXCELLENT
2)Joshua (2/3)~in one song{he do some mistake but better than top
4 performance...
3)Phillip (1/3)~just only we got tonight's,he perform perfectly.. so...,the night top 3 wins to JESSICA SANCHEZ... last top 4 perfomance who should deserved to top 3; 1)Joshua (2/2)~he did a great amazing
2)Jessica (2/2)~wow....,i dont thing that she can carry this song:
And I Am Telling You I Not
3)Phillip (1/2)~best but sometimes make audience boredom..
4)Hollie (1/2)~she can if she take a correct song with her voice. so,the night top 4 tonight is JOSHUA LEDET and JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!


you all blind with jessica's telented...why i saying that???it is because jessica is the one in american idol season 11 deserved to win this year because what???it is because just only her can control high and low notes in the song while phillip and joshua????if you dont know bout the music...,my suggestion is please dont judge her...please u all mind urself...although JIMMY said that Jessica is suitable to sing in grammy award while others is deserved to FINALE...,can u understand what he trying to i though,he try to say to us that jessica can sing very,its not weird if we think that jessica is deserved to win....Steven Tyler also said that she maybe one of all standing in the stage...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!please vote for who must be deserved to win...Thats all~~~


The judges saved Jess because she's one of the best contestant. Jessica is very talented girl. I like Joshua too his one of my favorate.


I'm sooo happy he went off. His screeching hurt my ears. The judges over praised him soo much. Although he might have had a good voice he wouldn't sell. We're looking for the whole package here people. I honestly think Phillip will win if you look at his past on the show he has the better odds. He will be the one to sell the most out of all three of them.


I wish Joshua the best, he deserved to win

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