American Idol Results: Who Made the Finals?

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I love you guys so much because you have the courage to have a dream.

That's what Steven Tyler told the remaining three American Idol contestants tonight. Alas, for one of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet, the dream is now over. So... following a painful Ice Age 3 tie-in and a performance by Adam Lambert, who got voted out of season 11?

Idol Final 3


The talented crooner takes it very well and even brings his mom on stage as he sings farewell via "Man's Man's Man's World."

This leaves Jessica Sanchez, likely the best voice of the season, and Phillip Phillips, the obligatory cute-white-guy-with-a-guitar-who-wins-every-season, to square off on next week's finale.

Do you think Ledet deserved to be voted off?

Who will win American Idol?


people are trying to convince themselves that phillips is talented . . .now that american idol is over . . .until now i cannot see that talent . . . jessica sanchez should have been AI if she was true blooded american . . . there are may phillips singing in pizza bars and better than him . . .but you can seldom see a jessica sanchez . . .with the perfect vocals . . .


Jessica Sanchez is clearly the best vocalist hands down regardless of American Idol being a popularity contest. She will be one of the best singers in the world...


OMG. What in the world happen tonight. Jessica WHAT! Lost. That should not have been the case. She is a MUCH better talented than Phillip. What the FREAK !


SHe is the best!


I think Josh is the best. I am routing for philip now.


Good luck tonight Jess!!! U R the best..


I miss Joshua already. I am not alright with him losing. He has a wonderful, soulful voice. I miss the real music he was singing. He sang, It's a Man's world better than the God Father of Soul himself. But I know Joshua has a wonderful career ahead of him, if he wants it. God Bless You, Son, and Keep you. I was trying to find out if American Idol was going to be in Las Vegas this year. Joshua, please sing for us. You can make a CD of just the songs you sang on American Idol. Someone should that happen---Randy!!!!!


I feel as if JOSH should have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Jessica..


Go! Jessica, Go!

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