American Idol Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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At this stage, it's difficult to be shocked by any elimination on American Idol.

Only five contestants remained heading into tonight, and all are quite talented, and all enjoyed mostly strong performances on Wednesday. Still, we didn't see this ousting coming, not once Phillip was deemed safe... and Joshua... and Jessica...

It had to be Hollie going home, right?

American IDol Final Five

Nope. Over 60 million votes were cast and the finalist who America sent packing was... Skylar Laine!

Yes, she struggled with "Fortunate Son," but enough to get the boot? You tell us: Did Skylar deserve to go home at this point?


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Phillip... I do not get it. He cant carry a tune at all althoigh the last 5 winners have been white men who play the guitar. Phillips is horribe. Jessica and Josh are the two best voices.


Well. No doubt for Skylar was eliminated. I agree with JC's comment. The one I aoore,iated so much was Jessica who had a great voice a gift for her.


Thank goodness for Dish and DVR, got to watch MISSING and then watch American Idol. Get to fast forward the bias, idiotic blabbering of the judges and listen to the music. This has been one messed up Idol, its almost over and hopefully something comes along to take its place. Lot of lies, false hopes, and dishonest voting counts...


Shouldve been Hollie or skylar. I think the three people who deserve to be in the final 3 are josh, Philip and Jessica.. She's a bomb!


Skylar should NOT have been sent home! When were the contestants going to take on a Country genre? That was overlooked, while she stepped up and met the other music types with awesome style and performances! I will not be watching the rest of the season, and hope Big Machine Label contacts her IMMEDIATELY. I think Scot B. knows and appreciates her quality of talent!


Skylar needed to go. Sweet girl but her version of Fortunate Son was not very good. The judges gushed like it was great but it seems that they don't always hear the songs as well as the tv audience does. This was one of those examples. Phillip Phillips probably should have been standing next to Skylar instead of Hollie.