American Idol Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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At this stage, it's difficult to be shocked by any elimination on American Idol.

Only five contestants remained heading into tonight, and all are quite talented, and all enjoyed mostly strong performances on Wednesday. Still, we didn't see this ousting coming, not once Phillip was deemed safe... and Joshua... and Jessica...

It had to be Hollie going home, right?

American IDol Final Five

Nope. Over 60 million votes were cast and the finalist who America sent packing was... Skylar Laine!

Yes, she struggled with "Fortunate Son," but enough to get the boot? You tell us: Did Skylar deserve to go home at this point?


It should have been Phillip. I agree with Pat....Phillip is a bore and he can't hold a tune. He can't make the high notes. He definitely isn't Idol Material. I believe he's overstayed his welcome!


Joshua and jessica are the best on that stage....Phillip cant even get up to the high notes his voice was cracking...skylar was OK and Blondie is boring


I can't believe they sent colton home and then skyler do they even know music at all holly should have went home along time ago american idol is a joke this year?


Pillip is a total bore who is painful to watch.
Yea he's different
But that doesn't make it good


Hollie is a singer with no soul. she has a good skills and remind me of young christina, but she is lack of emotion in her voice. she has been in the bottoms for several weeks already, im really surprised that she is still there and come on, she is one of the top 4? i really hope she goes home next week.


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Hmmmmmm, looks like The Hollywood Gossip's prediction for the winner was wrong, now wasn't it?;) I hated Skylar and I'm so glad to see her go.


Bring back colton.
Bring back elise.
Hell just bring somebody back over the final 4 thats there. hollie? come on. philip is strange. jessica is annoying and spolit and joshua thinks hes already won.


Are you sure you can hear well? Phil is AWESOME!!! Jessica is so boring. Maybe the pouting works for her mommy and daddy, but it makes me want to barf. Joshua is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't buy his records. It's not my kind of music. I have not downloaded one single song from him. Phil is cool, he is smooth, he is gorgeous, and he is extremely talented. Not only have I downloaded his music, but I am going to see the concert just to hear him! Holly is horrible, and should have went home several weeks ago. She definitely is NOT my kind of music either. She's a sweet girl, but it's past time for her to go.


Skyler should have been there for two more weeks. Hollie should have went home this week then Jessica next week. The final 3 should be Phil, Joshua and Skylar. Phil will win, of course, but Joshua will be 2nd. Who in the world is voting for the Hollie chick? Would you stop it already?!?


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