American Idol Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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At this stage, it's difficult to be shocked by any elimination on American Idol.

Only five contestants remained heading into tonight, and all are quite talented, and all enjoyed mostly strong performances on Wednesday. Still, we didn't see this ousting coming, not once Phillip was deemed safe... and Joshua... and Jessica...

It had to be Hollie going home, right?

American IDol Final Five

Nope. Over 60 million votes were cast and the finalist who America sent packing was... Skylar Laine!

Yes, she struggled with "Fortunate Son," but enough to get the boot? You tell us: Did Skylar deserve to go home at this point?


OK first of all Skylar should not have gone home just yet. They never should have used the save on Jessica she is way to annoying for my taste. What's up with they way they allow her to dress? If that were my child she would be no way in hell allowed to go on stage the way they allow her to. Besides all that if America would listen to who is singing (singing contest) and not screaming, you would agree Jessica and Joshua should be gone...!!! Hollie should be the next American Idol now the Skylar has been voted off. To all Skylars fans please make your votes for Hollie now !


Phillip sucks! I'm a teenage girl and I have always hated him and he's not even hot! Thank God I have a DVR so I can wait a bit to watch it so I can fast forward through his crap of a performance.
He just doesn't match up to anyone who's been in it this year, he shouldn't have made the top 13 to begin with. I'm sad Skylar went, she didn't deserve to. But I love Hollie and she's done so well again the past few weeks she deserves to stay. But she won't win because she's been in the bottom too much, But team Jessica and Hollie


If Joshua or Jessica win, I think they will be the biggest flop AI has ever had and that's saying a lot with Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studder.


Skyler should not be going home and neither should have Colton. Joshua and Jessica should be the ones gone but the judges push them so much people think that they are good. I'm sick of the judges giving standing ovations for the ones they want to win. If you don't start voting the way you want according to the best singers it will be another Ruben or Taylor Hicks. No one wants to buy albums where everything sounds the same like Joshua and Jessica. I'm so sick of them. The judges just beat up who they want to go and praise the ones they want to keep. So not fair. Randy is a racist, Jennifer has a tin ear and poor old Steven just goes along with what ever the other say. Please, Please get new judges. If you don't, Idol won't be around another two years.


Phillip sucks. I cannot listen to him.It makes me sick. Teenagers find him cute so they keep voting for him. Hey, teenagers be fair vote for the one who is talented and deserve to win. If Phillip wins I will protest and ask american idol to exclude teenagers from voting


There are tons of singers like Joshua, Jessica and Skylar plus they are not current, they are like 60 year olds in teenaged bodies. Phillip is the best and most unique by far. He should win!


I think she should have gone weeks ago. Who wants to listen to a Reba wanna be Tonya Harding look alike. I hate her hick/country voice.


although i like phil i thought he was going home. I def didnt see skylar leaving. I pictured skylar josh n jesssica for the last 3 standing. I think the winner is between josh n jessica. But skylar will get a deal. She was made to entertain.


phillip and hollie need to go! its past their time!


There should be a "No, it should have been Phillip because he SUCKS" option.
Out of all the top 13 he deserves to be American Idol least!
He's so boring! Everyone else could hit these smooth beautiful notes, he can't do that. Everyone else had/has beautiful, controlled, easy to listen to amazing voices. He doesn't have that at all!
He's such a bore and he can't carry a tune, and he gets rid of the melody in every song he sings.
And let me just point out that I am a teenage girl, and I DO NOT find him hot at all... I'm really sad Skylar went home she was amazing, but I'm glad Hollie is still here I love her


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