American Idol Results: Who Made the Final 4?

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At this stage, it's difficult to be shocked by any elimination on American Idol.


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    I am sick and tired of the judges swaying Americas vote to Joshua. All three other artists Rock just as much and it saddens me to see them give more props and standing ovations to him. Yes he is talented but I can tell you that more people will buy albums from Phillip and Jessica than his guttural yelling lyrics justify. Prove the judges prejudice. Vote for all the others more!!!!!


    i was really pissed at the way the judges have treated Hollie, it's no wonder she stayed confused. One time they tell her don't over sing. then they say she does not get into the song. And then she's thinking too much. Who would'nt get nervous, mixed up and comfused. She is a good singer but it seemed like the judges treated her like she did'nt belong. I think she was sweet, and if she had the right backing would really go far.


    Just watched the show for the first time in years. I don't know Skylar. I did hear Joshua and he was amazing. I have never heard anyone sing It's a man's world the way he sang. Jessica was great too. However, I felt Joshua had a slim edge. What talent. Was not impressed with Hollie or Phillip. This is the finals and this is the time to bring it. Joshua and Jessica came to compete. Simple!


    to me i think Joshua is great and Jessica and if these two do not win then i do not why, i wish the two the best of luck. Joshua i love you and do your thing people talk and let them talk and know that God id with you and Uganda my country loves you.Praying that you Win.God id with you.flavia


    I actually think they're all amazing and pretty much talented compared to the last season and even the previous ones. They all have different genres. I am rooting for Jessica Sanchez though.


    I am truely SHOCKED*!!! I love SkyleR*!!! Can't believe she's out!!!


    If you have just little bit musical education you have to admit that Jessica has not only beautiful voice then powerful voice. She can sing everything..... Joshua is not bad, but his singing is only screaming, Hollie try to sing, Phillip's songs are always on same way!
    Jessica has to win if still exist justice in this world!


    those that are hating the judges arent giving them the respect for being in the industry for like forever... seriously..before you even dare start speaking of music and voices and all these things..ask your much do you know about music? you think you got the ear to find that next artist thats gonna sell millions of records like what the judges have proven over their long career??? Sometimes..people gotta open their minds.. You got the top 4 right there coz not only the judges but also a lot of people believe they should be the top 4, if who youre rooting for gets eliminates. ACCEPT it. Americans should be happy that the correlation between the judges' comments and likes are consistent and making sense with the votes. thats all i gotta say.


    @ Ande--
    You are so right!! The judges and america are so damn selfish with who they want to win, that it has now swung the AI vote in favor of the sucky ones, and not the truly good and talented ones. I agree neither Colton nor Skylar should have gone home yet, but rather Jessica, Joshua and Philip should have ALL BEEN GONE BY NOW!! The fact that they aren't just shows how lame the American audience and the judges are when it comes to voting, cause' they're not voting the right way, and they're keeping the wrong ones in consistently. Time for the plug to be pulled once and for all on american Idol......


    Skylar was ok to me, better then Hollie. Really not crazy about Phillip, all his music sounds the same to me. In my opinion the two gifted singers are Joshua and Jessica. Jessica having a beautiful voice but lack alittle in her stage presence. I would love for it to be between Jessica and Joshua. They are best singers on the show this year.

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