American Idol Power Rankings: The Final 4

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There's been a major shake-up in our American Idol Power Rankings, considering - ouch! - our number-seed from a week ago has been eliminated. Fare thee well, Skylar Laine.

Who will take over the top spot? Which of the final four do you think will will the title? Read on. Find out. Vote.

American Idol Top 4

4. Phillip Phillips. We've just been here too many times. He's white. He's handsome. He plays the guitar. Very well, mind you. But we know exactly what to expect on a weekly basis and it's no longer unique or exciting.

3. Hollie Cavanaugh. Not too different of a critique than we have for Phillip, really. A great voice, but not a great deal of stage presence. We can't think of one performance that really stands out and expected her to be voted off this week.

2. Jessica Sanchez. A beautiful rendition of "You Are So Beautiful" on Wednesday, continuing her trend of the Ballad Master. We could easily see her win and would stand up and cheer if so, but...

1. Joshua Ledet... not after the week Ledet enjoyed. Both of his covers on Wednesday were stellar, highlighted by "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Is he theatrical? Yes. Overly dramatic sometimes? Sure. But we're big fans of Adam Lambert, so we can't exactly complain about those traits. What a voice!



I like jessica to win because she is a very good vocal..


I like jessica to win because she a very good vocal..


I think jessica she is a high note and big vocal like charice..


I really don't think you guys know what you're talking about. obviously, Josh is amazing, but who has won the past 5 years on Idol? Cute, young, white guys. Your predictions don't seem to be very realistic. I have nothing against the other performers, but I really do think that Phil is the most unusual and artsy performer on Idol now(Colton is still my favorite overall). I myself am a teenage girl, and yes, Philip is getting my vote.


Jessica should win. Besides that she is a filipina. Many hollywood stars got her vote!


Jessica=pouty, spoiled brat.
Hollie=no charisma.
Joshua=overly dramatic. That leaves....Phil! If you are sick of the so called typical A-I mold of a young white guy with a guitar, then put some talented people in there to compete. I would love to vote for someone else if they were better, but Phil has this one hands down.


Phil Phillips Rocks! I'm his #1 fan!!!


I LOVE hearing Phillip sing. I re-watch all of his performances on YouTube, and he is AWESOME! What an extremely talented guy.




when jessica performs those performing next to her looks like amateurs..haha ,so they better sing first and save the best for last (jessica sanchez ofcourse)

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