American Idol Power Rankings: The Final 4

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There's been a major shake-up in our American Idol Power Rankings, considering - ouch! - our number-seed from a week ago has been eliminated. Fare thee well, Skylar Laine.

Who will take over the top spot? Which of the final four do you think will will the title? Read on. Find out. Vote.

American Idol Top 4

4. Phillip Phillips. We've just been here too many times. He's white. He's handsome. He plays the guitar. Very well, mind you. But we know exactly what to expect on a weekly basis and it's no longer unique or exciting.

3. Hollie Cavanaugh. Not too different of a critique than we have for Phillip, really. A great voice, but not a great deal of stage presence. We can't think of one performance that really stands out and expected her to be voted off this week.

2. Jessica Sanchez. A beautiful rendition of "You Are So Beautiful" on Wednesday, continuing her trend of the Ballad Master. We could easily see her win and would stand up and cheer if so, but...

1. Joshua Ledet... not after the week Ledet enjoyed. Both of his covers on Wednesday were stellar, highlighted by "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Is he theatrical? Yes. Overly dramatic sometimes? Sure. But we're big fans of Adam Lambert, so we can't exactly complain about those traits. What a voice!



ain't it obvious how people are so jealous of jessica's talent? they accused her of being overconfident and have a swollen head when they didn't even have the chance to know and see her in person. so much prejudice in this world! can somebody ever cite an example that this sweet sixteen year old of a powerhouse talent ever show that primadonna and diva-attitude? duh! And if she is overconfident, so what? she had a huge talent to back her confidence. no point comparing them. JHud is Jhud, Jessica is Jessica. Both great! Both oozing with talent!


i think jessica or joshua should win,the reason phillips still on the boggles my mindand make me not want to watch idol no more. he has no talent and he hold his guitar too high up ,real guitars hold it below the hip a.k.a keith richard.


philip is true blue, holly is good , jesica is building a swollen head with everyone how great she is good ya great no , josh good but cant sing without a church sitting behind him cant do it alone


I'm not overly invested in the show. Actually I've only watched it via YouTube and just enough to get an impression of them as singers. People who watch the show have no perspective at all. Joshua and Jessica by far and I mean by far have the better voices. Holly is boring, trite and nothing special. Phillip is just another WGWG. Isn't the voting audience sick of them yet? This is why I stopped watching the show. It's supposed to be a singing competition not who has the best sob story, who is the cutest, who is annoying etc. The best singer never wins on American Idol.


I think Jessica Sanchez is the best among the four that are left ( even before)Obviously she is! ...judges wouldn't have done anything if she ain't that awesome.I don't think hollie and phillip can sing how she sings. Come on!!! come on!!! Phillip is always in pain when he sings and hollie she's kinda trying hard and sometimes she's unable to hit high notes and she's out of tune! That's what the judjes always say to her. She'll be out this week or phillip. But i'll miss his cute face thou!!


if we follow the shocker trend it could be joshua out this week then jessica clearing the way for phillip and hollie finale. phillip is just untouchable and hollie uneliminatable


They're all amazing and deeply talented but I hope Jessica win this thing.


Does this sound ballad to you? Jessica does RnB, pop, hip hop, ballad. It's the producers and the judges who want her to stick to ballad only. Jessica's confidence seems to have waned eversince Jimmy described her as too confident. If you have seen Jessica's performances pre-AI, you'd be amazed by her talent. She recorded a pop/hip hop song, starred in a national ad campaign (Cricket commercial), was tapped to sing the national anthem for the Chargers twice, etc. Check out these YouTube videos featuring her in the Cricket commercial and singing Haters Luv.


Jessica can only sing controlled ballads; anything else she has to strain to get it out. Phillip is cool like a Norah Jones. Holly will have a career because her voice is so good and she can sing anything. Joshua, if I had to listen to a whole CD of his, I would stick sharp pencils in both ears! If they start out fronting for another person or group, I would pay to hear Phillip or Holly but that's it for me. I thought Elise and Skylar were both better entertainers than anyone left. Not trying to step on anyone's toes; just my opinion.


i love phillips is unique is the one needs to win is the best in america idol may vote go to phillips

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