American Idol Performance Recap: Jams by Jimmy

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First, the American Idol finalists listened to the judges last night.

Then, they were given the freedom to select their own songs.

Finally, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet were tasked with a cover by Jimmy Iovine, closing a busy evening with the following three performances. Which did you like best?


Joshua Ledet was given a Mary J. Blige track, "No More Drama." Watch and listen and compare now to his take on John Lennon.

Jessica Sanchez went old school with "I'll Be There," a single made famous by the Jackson 5 and then even more famous by Mariah Carey.

Phillip Phillips then went romantic with Bob Seger' "We've Got Tonight," proving that he doesn't always need a guitar in his hands.



Happy that the one who's been eliminated is SCREAMING Joshua!! Jessica is the next American Idol !!! she deserves the title- since the very first :)) We love you Jessica ♥


Why the 3 judges keeps on giving Joshua Ledet a Standing Ovation in his every performance? he's just ''SCREAMING'' you know that ? and not singing. Didn't they noticed that? so they means that ''SCREAMING'' is now Phenomenal? are they f*cking kidding me ? between Philip and Joshua I'll definitely go for Phillip. between Philip and Jessica.. I'll go for Jessica of course. She's the real singer. Jessica for the WIN !!!!!!!!! I love you Jessica !!


not impressed by joshua, he just screams.
jessica is the best singer, she should win.
but the cute white boy always wins, so phillip might win.


the judges are very bias and show who their favorites are all the time! they shouldn't do this. it isn't fair to the other singers. joshua is very talented but I have to agree that he screams too much. he is too gospel to be the american idol.phillip may not have the same vocal range as the other two, but there is something special about him and his voice that just makes you want more! jessica has a great voice! I loved Elise who got voted off.


A very large portion of Americans suffer from what we call IMPLICIT BIAS.There is NO WAY Joshua should not be in the finals. This young man
brought the house down every night. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! WOW!


I wonder which is worse - the screaming Joshua Ledet or the boring Phillip Phillips. Would have preferred Phillip to go because he just bores the crap out of me. Oh well. At this stage, I don't care who wins. But I'm glad Jessica Sanchez made it to the finals.


At this stage of the game, i have to say i did not like any of the performances last me they all sucked, and they all should have done soooo much better, being the week before the finale and all. I agree with many that the judges are constantly standing up for Joshua, and granted he can sing, but ALL HE DOES IS SCREAM, and I'm suprised he came this far. As far as Jessica, i really think she is the Best singer, but after last nites performance, i'm starting to wonder. I never Liked Phillips, but i feel as though he's going to be the winner.......


Jessica thinks she has it and I can't stand her. She is flat on most of her songs. I do like Phillip because he is the only non-screamer in the bunch.


The cute white guy always wins. Phil Phillips is in the bag for the trophy. Unfortunately, the guy can't sing. He has a vocal range of about seven notes and just puts in that "Ooooh" and scrunches up his face at the end of every line to cover up the fact that he can't hit the note. Joshua Ledet is the most talented Black singer ever to be on that show, but all the 14 year old white girls will vote for Phillip.


JLO and Randy are always giving Joshua standing ovations, this is totally unfair as they are very biased for him. A voice like Jessica's is a pleasure to listen to and she can sing any type of song. Joshua is given all these standing o's. Unfair the other's deserve this also. Especially RANDY she is so for Joshua.

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