American Idol Finale: Who Won the Night?

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One episode. Two finalists. Three songs.

Phillip Phillips squared off against Jessica Sanchez tonight, with the American Idol Season 11 crown at stake. Each contestant was tasked with singing a trio of tracks:

  1. Simon Fuller's selections: Jessica Sanchez, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston; Phillip Phillips, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
  2. A favorite from earlier in the season: Jessica Sanchez in no heels, “The Prayer” by Celine Dion; Phillip Phillips, “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel
  3. A potential winning single: Jessica Sanchez, “Change Nothing;" Phillip Phillips, “Home”
Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips

So, who deserves the crown? Watch all six performance videos below and then vote...


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good job


Unfreaking believable, I can't believe he won.....Everything he sings, sounds the same! It was hard to watch him sing the songs (except for a rare few) he looked like he was trying to pass a 2by4. On all, but 2 or 3 songs, he was all over the place. It was like be rewrote each song. She on the other hand "sang" beautifully. Even on the sucky songs they gave her, she did great. For the stupid people out there who can't see the performer because of her race, you need to craw back under your rock. He only won, because of all the little teenyboppers out there voting as fast and as much as they could. I, for one, am very disappointed this year. I'm very disappointed in the public's ability to make the right choice. "The Best Singer". They should take away the final vote and give it to the three judges..........


Just vote for your favorite Idol,not to say a bad words about filipino people.put your Phillip inside your lungs and no one can take his vioce and his handsome look.bne careful next time....


Elaine: There is such a thing as following your own advice. Granted,the other commments about race and ethnic backgrounds were inappropriate and just plain mean. However, just because somebody has an opinion different from yours regarding whether or not a guy is good-looking doesn't mean they have no taste in men and it doesn't make you right or smarter. It just makes you and the other poster different from each other.


Why you people are discreminating too much about Filipino People?why Jlo is American she is a fucking Latina too!Nichol Sherzinger is half Fil.Inrique Iglesias is half Fil and haalf Spanish anf many made me sick of your comment.just cast your vote and shut up!why Opra is American?NO!stop of writting your bad comment otherwise i will make you a Rabbit!


Phillip is a true performer. Jessica is just a good singer. You can Feel the soul each time Phillip sings. Very often you can feel the indifference Jessica felt singing a song she was either unfamiliar with or just didn't like. Phillip is the true entertainer. Jessica is just a poser looking to make some money singing. enough said.


I wish the girl won :(




Hellooooo!why you are fighting about the two finalist of ai!my msge is simple only to a person attacking Filipinos.Q:why would you think the people in america are all americans?Hell No!every country are all are stupid!why African is American?only when they got a green fucking are an American dont think even that the Fathe of JS is a US Marine defending your country,you Idiot!you and Jlo go to hell!!!!


A/T Racism is alive and well everywhere.

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