American Idol Finale: Who Won the Night?

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One episode. Two finalists. Three songs.

Phillip Phillips squared off against Jessica Sanchez tonight, with the American Idol Season 11 crown at stake. Each contestant was tasked with singing a trio of tracks:

  1. Simon Fuller's selections: Jessica Sanchez, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston; Phillip Phillips, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
  2. A favorite from earlier in the season: Jessica Sanchez in no heels, “The Prayer” by Celine Dion; Phillip Phillips, “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel
  3. A potential winning single: Jessica Sanchez, “Change Nothing;" Phillip Phillips, “Home”
Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips

So, who deserves the crown? Watch all six performance videos below and then vote...


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Singing with passion and talent is what makes people feel the music. That is why Philip won, because we felt his emotions when he sang. J.S is going to go far anyways. Why not just be happy that someones DREAM came true?? Be happy for people that succeed don't try and bring them down, goooosh. Well done Philip!!!


Jessica Sanchez a very good voice, a good Performance. Phillip Phillips it's a complete Artist. The combination of a good Singer, Writer, Musician, his charisma and a Humble person make him AMERICAN IDOL 2012. Congratulations PHILLIP PHILLIPS !!!!!!


Philip Philips won so we should just accept it. Stop saying he won cause he is cute. He won cause he can do much more than Jessica .


It is amazing that someone with a boring voice can blow away a girl 5 years younger with a technically more superior chops....girls get screwed everyday....why not on American Idol. Bring back Simon Cowell...please!


nice pic


With the results, I am not really disappointed, I like the 2 finalist, Phil with his laid back style, and jessica with her power vocal. These 2 singers are different in many ways, but I can see that they both enjoyed each other's company, there is no way for us to sour grape each bets. The verdict has been given Philip Philips won AI11, But Jessica fared well, She left another history worth remembering and I can say that this season is one of the best season in AI history, a lot of talents from Jeremy to Colton to skylar to Hollie to Josh and to the Finalist. Same with the Announcement day, Jessica did very great singing with Jen Holiday and Phil also. This season is indeed another excellent season, plenty of talents with their own identity. Let us just hope for their Success. Let's Pray that they Are Not Going Home, But will be Always Loved by Hollywood and will have their Sweet Dreams turned out to undeniably great Successful Career.


In South Africa I have been following the idol show regulary and I do believe American chose the best out of the two Phillip Phillips. Although Jessica has a good voice, she is still very young and I am honest young artists don't last. Justin Bieber is a once off.
Good joice America


toughcritic is 100% correct in everything he said! I come from a family of musicians and the only one who really had something to offer was Holly! She has a beuatiful unique voice and with a little trainging she would be Kelly Clarkson good. Hands down 100%! American Idol is so ridiculous, it's got American fooled once again.


Jo hit the nail right on the head. Couldn't have stated it any better. Hands down, Jessica was the best vocalist. Not even debatable! The only reason that Philip won is exactly what Jo stated. In the judges eyes, he was the more marketable product for them. He's going to get the teenir boppers


I liked them both but Philip is more original, I think that is why he won. Jessica is an amazing singer she just needs to blossom into her own flower, and I am sure she will....

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