Amber Riley Collapses on Red Carpet, Is Okay

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Amber Riley created quite a commotion on the red carpet last night, fainting in front of her co-stars and photographers at a TV Academy event in Los Angeles honoring Glee.

Amber Riley Red Carpet Photo

"Hey guys, I'm okay :) I got a little dizzy from all the photog flashes!" the actress Tweeted soon after the scare. "You'd think I's be used to it by now, still a red carpet amateur I guess. Gonna get checked out but I feel fine. Thank you for all the concern and well wishes."

Riley recovered in time to participate in the show's panel discussion, adding an online thank you to those around her during the collapse.

"I'd also like to thank the photographers for being professional and not taking photos of me on the ground. I truly truly appreciate it. Could have been super embarrassing."

Have you seen the shots of Riley and her fellow cast members attending the William McKinley prom? Check them out now in the Glee spoilers section at TV Fanatic!

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hapi ur okay amber ad ts no big deal haters of amber s weight nt lyk ur perfect ur sef


Yo she fat dat y.


I would like to say that i am glad you are alright amber i have read some of the comments that people have left and some are about your weight but i donlt think that matters if you are big or if your small if your are happy the way you are then i wouldn't care what people say andif you are a certain sie it doesnlt always mke faini am medium size person and sometimes i have panic attacks so i wouldnlt listern to the ones that put you down.


Allsaints45 and Real, not funny @ all. Look in the mirror before you comment on someone else appearance. Grow up!




I was wondering if she crash dieted as well. All woman want to look their best, regardless of size @REAL. Glad she's ok.


Amber,are you sure it's not cos of your weight.ha! ha! ha!.just joking.